Saturday, August 18, 2018

I have nothing

I'm not reading any good books, I need to cast on for another project, and  all I want to do is take a nap.  This green thing is done:

I like how it undulates.

I may cast on for a color affection with two different gradients. Will that look good or messy? Only time will tell. I also want to start more cross stitch but down that path lies madness.

I had a work thing yesterday that was fun and productive, and got some of a paper written up,  but I really need to decompress. We're going out to the house tomorrow to see the view and to have some friends from NYC who are driving around Oregon over to lunch. We also planned for a two-week stay at the house in September (well, a week and a half for me as I will have to pop back to Eugene to do stuff in preparation of school). 

And this little guy needs a bath, or a good rain shower:


Tired Teacher said...

The green shawl looks fantastic. I haven't knit much the last two weeks, and I'm itching to work on some projects.

kathy b said...

You know we all hit that wall especially with a big move to a new home. It is joyous, but stressful. Be good to you. Decompress however you know how. IF you need to nap, so be it. THe world will carry on and you'll feel so much better for a sleepy time out. and yes the white horses at the barn could use a big bath or rainshower for sure. They love to roll in the mud. I love your shawl

Vera said...

Dirty or not, that little guy is just so darn cute! Love your green shawl. You are right - it does undulate!

KSD said...

Bomber, Bomber, Bomber. . . I'm not mad, just disappointed.