Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Let's learn about goannas, shall we? ETA: QUORA!

"A goanna is any of several Australian monitor lizards of the genus Varanus, as well as certain species from Southeast Asia. Around 30 species of goanna are known, 25 of which are found in Australia."

Here is my goanna (it is not quite done yet--I need to finish off the curly tail and add a tongue and fill in some of the blank spaces at the bottom):

 The head is on the top of the G.

The photograph makes the G look SO MUCH bigger than the F, but I think I tilted the G forward and so that's causing this. It certainly didn't look funky to me yesterday when I took the picture.

This was fun although there are probably three or four different colors of green and four different pinky peachy colors and that gets to be too much for my patience! But I persevere.

Pop quiz on goannas WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT! Or never.

On to the QUORA from Kathy:

There are just 7 questions.  Some are multiple choice, because we all love those multiple choice tests. ( my answers are below)

*Are you trying any new crafts? I guess counted cross stitch doens't count but it was on hiatus!
*Do you love a favorite logo for a product? 

*I have Knitlite lighted needle tips.  I have to work on something with them because I love the Concept.  Do you secretly favor one set of your needles over the rest in your family? I like chiagoo red ones. Probably because they are red.
*Currently, which  is growing better in your garden, the plants or the weeds? It is too dry for anything! Dry stuff is growing!
*The knitting gods are smiling down on you.  You get one wish.  Do you wish
a) to never drop a needle and have to find it again( because you cannot twist yourself into the pretzel position needed to get at it under the car seats)
b) to never run out of yarn for a project (because you grind your teeth from the moment you think you may run out, and dental care is expensive)
c) to never have to pick up a dropped stitch in garter (because you would love to knit easy peasy garter stitch, but you don’t because you dread the inevitable pick up)

Let's go with  B!
*It is mid August and I am too cheap to get a pedicure.  Am I the only woman on the  face of the Earth who wears sandals and shows her bare naked toenails? I've never had a pedicure in my life, and wear flip flops all summer! SCANDALOUS!
*Admit you last impulse purchase.  There’s no judgement here!  I swear.  C’mon , tell us. !!
I think---maybe some gradient yarn from Knit Picks?


Vera said...

Fun answers! That goanna is cool looking...glad I'm not seeing it in real life though.....

Delighted Hands said...

That monitor lizard makes my little chameleons look like miniatures! Nice work on the cross stitch!

kathy b said...

Leapin Lizards! That's a big one ! I shudder to think what they may eat.........

Thanks for Quora love!

KSD said...

The Non-Pedicure Twins. I think we should go on the road.

The design on that "G" is just wonderful.