Monday, August 13, 2018

My never ending projects

It seems like I've been knitting on this shawl and the green and yellow shawl forever.
There are three stitches that form the 'backbone' of the shawl, and I kind of flubbed up the written pattern but I like how it looks anyway. I have two more rows and then the sanquhar (drink Twinnie) section is done. Then there's some garter rows and then a HUGE section of basketweave in the navy color.  Each row is taking forever (there are four stitches increased per RS row).

This weekend was busy, in good ways.  Saturday we met friends from in- and out-of town for a picnic by the river at lunchtime and then of course I had to scamper away for the 'First Look'. Still don't have any of Calypso, but here's one with the happy couple and Georgia:

Georgia,  like Tink, was quite interested in the bouquet.

The bride's dress was pretty--it is lined in a flesh colored fabric all the way to the bottom, and she has kind of flesh colored shoes on (I'm not sure if these are her 'real' bridal shoes or some that she was advised to wear to the farm). 

I'm not sure if an alpaca farm is the best site for a photo shoot, unless you want photos of alpacas in the distance hanging out.

Saturday night we started the movie "The Leisure Seeker" but turned it off because it wasn't good. We're now watching a three-part Agatha Christie mystery on Amazon prime called "Ordeal by Innocence" which is good (it stars Bill Nighy, whom we both love).

Sunday morning we took a long (about 5 miles) walk with the dogs. It was a beautiful morning and we walked from our house down to the river (about 1.5 miles), walked along the river and stopped for coffee at the grocery store, and then walked back the 'long way' through Hendricks Park. We got home, had breakfast, and then Tim checked in with the guy on the coast who is going to cut the trees down about a time to meet with him to go over which trees (something he wanted to do, as we had already put markers on the trees but he just wanted an in person meeting which is fine). He was actually free that afternoon, so we scurried around to throw lunch together and load the car with a bunch of stuff to take out to the coast (thank you to Kym for her organizational thoughts--I'm inventorying everything that goes out to the coast house). So Tim went to meet with the tree guy and I stayed here to clean up the guest room (at some point, we're taking out the guest room bed to sleep on at the coast house, and it was currently serving as a yarn project receptacle). I did the linen laundry from that bed so it will be clean when we take it out. I also tracked down (online) the bathroom towel bars we want for the house so Tim and I could go over how many we need.

Tim got caught in traffic and didn't get home til a bit after 7:20. I made some sausages and we then just kind of collapsed.

We are waiting to hear about the occupancy permit.


Caffeine Girl said...

Well, I'm not the only one who got to go to a special wedding! I think that was a perfect setting. And what a gorgeous dress.

I'll never have a 2nd home because I can barely deal with one. I admire you for taking on the challenge.

Kym said...

Your knitting is just wonderful! I love the graphic-ness of that design. It will take you awhile to "settle in" to both places -- but you will! Everything will just . . . evolve . . . as you live it. :-)

kathy b said...

I love the bride's dress and Tinks Rear end. THis was a very clever photo. Remind me to stand by a big butt animal when I want to look fantastic! hahah. I loved her flowers. THe permit will come.....I promise

KSD said...


Delighted Hands said...

Nice plans for the house-it is moving well! The shawl is on the last mile-you can do it!