Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Before I explain the ouch,  here is the newest car knitting:

It is (maybe) Dashing Dachs in some type of rainbow colorway. It is pretty and happy, and fun to knit. I'm good with the pooling.

So the ouch. I got up last night and rammed my right foot's little toes into a door jamb. It hurt like hell, and I was wondering if I broke one or more of the toes. This morning it still hurts, although I can walk on it (I have been told twice that I have a high tolerance for pain--once when I dislocated my shoulder in Canada and once when I broke my collarbone in Costa Rica, so unfortunately the pain level may not be an indicator of what is going on). Tim thinks  I jammed the toes or sprained them. Hopefully they will feel better soon.

I finished reading the second Merry Folger Nantucket mystery (Death in Rough Water) and it wasn't as good as the first one---I got bored several times and almost stopped but whenever that happened SOMEONE ELSE WAS MURDERED and so that kept me going. It also got a little romance-y at the end and that wasn't really what I want in a murder mystery. 

I haven't found a GREAT BOOK of the summer yet and I really would like to.


Kym said...

Your knitting looks like Superman ice cream (which is a Midwestern thing, but has perhaps made it's way out west???)! Sorry about your toe. (I hate when that happens...)

kayT said...

Sorry about your toes.

If you read mysteries have you read Donna Leon? She writes about an Italian detective in Venice. I like all the books but since it's a series you might start at the beginning? Plus none of them are particularly gory and all of them are pretty environmentally conscious without being preachy.

Delighted Hands said...

The new sock is very cheerful-you will need the distraction from the foot pain! Sorry for the toes accident; ouch is right!

Teresa Kasner said...

OUCH! I hope you didn't break anything. I hate stubbing my toes. After I read your blog I went back to mine and added what books I've been reading to this post. I hope you check it out. I'm heading home tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Vera said...

Ouch is right - hope it is feeling better already.

Have you read any of the Elly Griffiths books? A bit of romance, but basically a professor assisting in investigations. I enjoy them a lot. it is a series so you should start at the beginning. Not great literature, but entertaining. The other series I really love are the Inspector Gamache books by Louise Penny. Again a series, best read in order.

Tired Teacher said...

I stubbed the same toe twice within a week, so I understand your pain. Mine is red and swollen and tender to touch. I can't wear some of my shoes because they rub the toe and make things worse.

The sock yarn is cheerful: I love it.