Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The happiest time of the year--

--for West Coast professors.

In May, sad West Coast professors are sad because everyone everywhere else in the world is giving finals and wrapping up the school year. We are sad because we still have several weeks of school until vacation. For whatever reasons, many WC Universities stick to a 'quarter' system where we have three 'terms' during the academic year (and summer term, for four quarters). As a result, we start back toward the end of September and finish 11 weeks later, usually the week right after Thanksgiving.

So that means I have a little more than 5 weeks of vacation left, and I'm glad that gives me time to continue to work on organizing the coast house. Some of the trees came down yesterday and the rest coming down today. We'll be there this weekend with our first visitors--my friend James and his family from NYC. I've known him since I was 3 years old (and he was 5) and haven't seen them for a long time. They'll pop in for lunch and to see the house on their way from Bend to Portland (yes, it is out of the way, about 2 hours, but now that the trees will be down it will be worth it).

I am working (hard) on getting my head around the new reality of having two places to live and the organization that it will take, and I really need to always stop and take a moment and be so so grateful for this amazing thing that Tim and I have built.  We are incredibly lucky to have built our dream house.

Now that the guest room bed is cleared off, I can take pictures of the green thing:

That remaining ball is as big as my fist---or a bit bigger--so this scarf isn't quite as big as it looks. Some cool pooling is happening, which is pretty astonishing for linen stitch, right?

Have you read Nancy Thayer books? I decided I needed a break from mysteries and so started on "Island Girls" (the least expensive Kindle one). It is fine--a bit chick lit-y, a bit serious, I think it is going to end up too cute, but there you go. A good summer book.


Kym said...

That is a whole lot of linen stitch! Lovely! And enjoy your first guests. XO

Tired Teacher said...

How exciting to have so much vacation time remaining. I didn't realize the WC had a different academic year.

Vera said...

Oh you must take some pictures of the view now that trees are coming down!! Please!! The shawl looks great. Do you ever get books on Overdrive? I think I have only ever bought one or two for my Kindle...the balance have been free and then a ton of Overdrive loans.

Delighted Hands said...

There are perks to being out of sync with the rest of the educational institutions! lol
The green scarf is very cool!