Friday, August 24, 2018

Thursday's Highlights (spoiler: lots of cute cria photos!)

Today is Friday, and the smoke has cleared and the air feels great. I had so much trouble breathing yesterday in the smoky air, but it looks like fall is deciding to arrive a bit early with temperatures in the 70s and beautiful blue skies.

First highlight of yesterday: nominations for Knitter's Hunk and Chick opened at my Twinster Kim's blog. This is a fun knitting (and non knitting) thing where we nominate people with whom we would like to knit. Then we vote (two nominees go head to head in a series of eliminations). And then there's a winner (ok two winners). It's silly and fun and a great way to end the summer.

I worked for a bit on H yesterday:

I think I like the letters without a lot of curving more. And I think the H is some type of bird, yes?

The highlight of Thursday was the visit with this little guy:

Tripoli is three days old, and absolutely adorable. A bit of a scamp---is happy to test out his legs and run away from anyone who wants to be buddies with him.

Chanel is doing well (she was eating an apple here) but  misses her lady friends. Ann has Chanel and Tripoli with a few of the more gentle girls, as the girls are 'nosy Nellies' who will be all over Tripoli and there is a risk that he might get hurt. She'll introduce a few girls to their group every day and I would guess in a week or so they'll be one big girl group again.

My colleague Laura brought her daughter Julia to the farm to have some pictures taken for Julia's birthday party invitations. Apparently there is a llama theme.

Another colleague, Leslie, took this picture of me, Chanel, Tripoli and Georgia (brown one behind Chanel).

The farm is definitely my happy place.
Tripoli sends his regards.


Kym said...

Squeeeeee! The cuteness of little Tripoli is just over the top! I can see why the farm is your happy place! XO

Tired Teacher said...

Look at that sweet face.

How I long for a clear day and blue sky. It was extremely smoky yesterday, and today is no different. Sigh!

Delighted Hands said...

The alpacas are gorgeous...but so it the scenery behind them! You sure do live in a beautiful part of your state!