Thursday, August 09, 2018


I think if I had to name this pattern (which is Study Hall, I think, on Knitty), I would call it unwieldly.

 There are lots of stitches on the needle at this point. I have (almost) four out of six repeatss done of the second sanquhar (drink Twinnie) pattern. Then there is a quite lengthy basketweave pattern. Here are the four repeats:

Thanks for the reading suggestions yesterday! As sort of a 'palate cleanser' (from mysteries), I'm reading Jenna Fischer's book on breaking in to the acting business. She was "Pam" on "The Office" and is from St. Louis (as am I) and was a theater major in college (as was I, for a year) so we have so much in common we might as well be sisters.

Yesterday I went to the farm in the morning and spent the rest of the day working and elevating my toe (the pain is down to one toe, it is a bit swollen and a bit red but not bruised). I got a lot of things done, including reading an interesting masters thesis from Australia (they ask outside researchers to read and respond to graduate work, and I get paid something like $200, and I have friends at the University that asked me, so I said yes, of course!). It was pretty good and I wrote three pages of notes so that should cover my effort.

Off to run some errands this morning and then work on another project this afternoon. I think I feel a bit industrious because it is another hot day--should be about 100 today, and that pushes me to do a lot of stuff in the morning and then I'm just rolling so I keep on rolling.

There's something very cute happening on Saturday at the farm but I won't spoil it now. Do you want to guess?


kathy b said...

Ive missed you while in Okc with Al. I will guess: its a birthday party in my honor (8/14) . NO seriously it is a shower for a soon to be mamma ?

Kym said...

I love that very graphic design! It's just lovely! Glad your toe is feeling a bit better...
Stay cool, now!

Delighted Hands said...

The shawl is incredible so keep on knitting! Sorry the toe is still painful!
I can't imagine the something special this weekend on the farm!

KSD said...

If I must share your sisterhood with someone, Jenna's a great choice.