Thursday, August 30, 2018

Weekend countdown

We are having our first night in the new house tomorrow night! I have lists and bags and boxes and more lists and I keep reminding myself that we can live pretty easily for two nights without bathrobes and there is both a grocery and a hardware store in our little town.

First, let me show you Color Affection. I have arrived at the short rows and indeed there are three different colors. You may recall I'm using Knit Picks gradient yarn for this, and so there will be some long color changes. Right now, the three colors are black-about-to-be-gray, blue, and black. The grey should kick in very soon. Short rows are on the right side. I like how it is looking.

The knitting portion of this post is now complete. If you wish to read my musings on the state of retailing today, please continue! 

So yesterday my goal was to get some mirrors for the new house. I had two options: 'nice' oval mirrors that we would like forever, either with a narrow frame or beveled mirror edging, or alternatively just some cheap mirrors that we could use until we feel like getting real ones.

I went to these stores: Bed Bath and Beyond, HomeGoods, Target (yes I went back), Hobby Lobby, Kohls, and Marshalls. All these places had a few mirrors: either barnhouse chic, or french chateau chic, or Moroccan chic, pointy rays sticking out of the mirror chic, but no one had a simple oval mirror. Apparently a big round mirror hung by a visible rope is popular now too--porthole chic? I'm not sure. Anyway, I ended up at Home Depot and even though they weren't displayed, I found the mirrors I wanted. 

A few observations: first, the same types of mirrors were found at every store. I get that there are trends and these trends seem to be pretty driven by HGTV, but that was just kind of disappointing. Second, even though it is a week before school starts and the stores should be filled with back to school shoppers, all these stores were pretty empty (I should say I was out pretty early, I got to Bed Bath and Beyond just a few minutes after it opened). Third, I think the stores are all trying to push 'order online and pick up at the store' but I'd rather just have Amazon deliver it rather than having to go drive over the store (I also realized yesterday I had not been to these shopping areas for a long, long time). 

So I'm not sure where retail is going. Once we move permanently to Pacific City we'll be even more reliant on Amazon than we are now (and now it is mostly because of time issues---I don't want to take the time to  track down the toner cartridges at the Staples if I can wait two days for Amazon).  So we'll see. 


kathy b said...

Amazon is always to the rescue. But I am oddly thrilled at places like HOMEGOODS nearby
Happy first sleep in the newhouse!

Delighted Hands said...

The new shawl is very pretty! Short rows make it fun to see the color changes!
I like the shopping experience from home so it is Amazon for me but still, there are some things it is nice to go look at so heft them, look at the back, etc. I tend not to go to tons of stores for a lot of input.