Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Here I am, phoning it in for Samhain!
The pin reads "What the Fox"!

I hope you have a happy day!

Monday, October 29, 2018

I really like all my current projects!

I mean, I guess I always like my current projects or else I wouldn't do them, but at the moment I really really like the ones I'm working on now, to the extent that I'm thinking "I want to work on THAT one tonight, no I want to work on THAT one, no I want to...." which is a good place to be.

The cowl! The cowl! This yarn is so soft and it has little sparklies in it (it is some Knit Picks yarn---off to check it out now--it was Stroll Glimmer which is primarily superwash merino but it is SO SOFT.

I read an interesting book called "Ghosted" by Rosie Walsh--another one that is sort of an unreliable narrator but it is more of a 'the way you are reading this may lead you to X conclusion but SURPRISE it is really Y!". I liked it.

Rain rain rain rain here in the Pac NW.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

What's your definition of breezy?

As in, you look outside and say 'oh it is breezy out'. Is that a gentle breeze? Or is it, oh say, 30 mph gusts that go on for, oh say, six or eight hours?

We experienced our first 'storm' yesterday and I put the word in quotes because I'm guessing most people here wouldn't even refer to it as a storm. It started right when we got back from Neskowin and went til about 9pm or so last night. We could hear the wind and sometimes the windows did a little shimmy, but that was it. When we walked around this morning (because it now looks like this:

Anyway, we noticed that other than a portable restroom and a cushion on a chair left outdoors that was slightly askew, no remnants of the storm remain.

Tim did a jigsaw this weekend (I helped with the edge pieces and maybe five middle pieces, I'm not a jigsawyer) (I made up that word):

If you look closely you'll see that it is reversible. It is  jigsaw of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.

Finally, in addition to the new cowl, I got a start on the next letter in the holiday banner, another E (this is the third E and the last E):

Heading back after lunch to get prepared for a very busy week of meetings. Hope your Sunday is lovely!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Just Beachy

Even though the forecast called for Gale force winds today, we awoke to a fairly calm sky and a clear view of our rock.

We went down to the beach to do a good walk with the dog at around 10am, and just hit the window for good weather. The gale winds weren't happening but the waves were huge!

There must be some type of 'surfers hotline' because more and more surfers kept arriving. The waves did look good. At one point Tim counted more than 30 surfers.

It feels a little deserted in town, but there were quite a few people on the beach.  Here's another lovely view:

Later we went to the Cafe at Hawk Creek for fish tacos and fish and chips, and it started raining as soon as we got home. Yay timing!

Here is one more video of the waves.

Friday, October 26, 2018

From the coast

We drove out Wednesday night after work and have set up our 'offices' (Tim is in the 'official' office downstairs with a view of the ocean, and I'm working on the dining room table with a view of the ocean, and we remind one another to be sure to take a look outside. It is a bit of a wintry day today, but we can still hear the sea!

Here it was yesterday morning:

Here it was when we got up today:

And here it is right now:
It isn't that cold, interestingly, but that doesn't stop us from lighting the fireplace.

I got a LOT done yesterday, workwise---I'm not sure why there are fewer distractions here than at the house in Eugene but there are. The dogs don't want to go outside as much, one thing. And there's limited laundry/house cleaning here since we do it before we leave and come out to a beautifully straightened out house. So not sure, but happy that things get done!

And I started on the new Casapinka cowl. It is perfect for mindless knitting:

I'm not that far on it, obviously.

Yesterday I read a fairly short but quite engaging book called "Under the Harrow" by Flynn Berry. It is almost an unreliable narrator novel but not quite. I think I saw it mentioned on someone's blog (if you read it, thank you for recommending!). I also had bought her most recent book at the end of the summer and so I'm looking forward to reading that. I also finished the book about the NFL (The Big Game) which was nonfiction--it was OK. I also re-read the Discovery of Witches trilogy, a trilogy I do love but each time I read it, it gets a bit too romancey for me.

OK on to work! I have to Zoom into a faculty meeting at the end of the day (I skipped the last one, and it was passive aggressively commented on, so I'll log on from here and do counted cross stitch during it. Win win).

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Working for the Weekend

My morning walk with the dogs was in a bit of fog during the sunrise (such as it was, given fog). We started in twilight (or the morning equivalent of twilight--is there one?) and it was so nice and quiet (we live in a valley and the interstate is about a mile or so away, so we sometimes hear traffic. In fog and clouds, though, it is muffled).

It was nice, and it seemed like the dogs and I were the only ones in the world (for about five or ten minutes, then we ran into people leaving for week and people coming to build the houses in the neighborhood we walk through and CATS ALL THE CATS.

My mind has been very anxious lately, due to stuff at work and some personal stuff (all is well, please no worries, I'm working on my stuff and it will be fine) and the quiet of the morning was really helpful.

And more quiet is on the way: we're headed out to the coast house and because our schedules will allow it (and we have really, really good wifi) we'll go over Wednesday after work (it is about a 2 hour and 15 minute drive in good weather with no traffic). We'll work from there on Thursday and Friday.  We're so fortunate that we have that option (and that I can 'zoom' into a faculty meeting on Friday afternoon).

But that means I have to have a lot of stuff organized (well, what work to take and what crafts to take) today, because I'll be on campus for most of the day tomorrow. But that's fine. After several trips to coast with cars loaded with stuff, this time we really only have some window shades and a few odds and ends, so there is plenty of room for crafts (I will take some counted cross stitch and knitting, so MULTIPLE CRAFTS).

I may cast on really fast for No Harm No Cowl to do in the car because it looks fairly straightforward. I also will probably take this:

Oops hard to see but it is the start of the Boxed and Cabled sweater which begins with the cable across the back. 

And in the pantheon of poorly photographed knitting, here is the first finished mitt:

And here is a closeup so Kathy can see the beads (although they aren't showing up well).

I'm really failing at the photo game today. I'll do better tomorrow, promise.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fox Socks not in a Box

I need to bind off my fox socks (for Halloween) and I am read to do so:

I needed some down time this weekend so I've been mostly knitting and reading.

I may cast on for the cable sweater tonight, or maybe for the Casapinka. I think the sweater will provide some good mindless knitting at some point and I will need something when these are done.

Hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend!
Prayer for the Morning by Audette Fulbright Fulson  

Did you rise this morning
broken and hung over
with weariness and pain
and rage, tattered from waving too long in a brutal wind?
Get up, child.
Pull your bones upright.
Gather your skin and muscle into a patch of sun.
Draw breath deep into your lungs;
you will need it
for another day calls to you.
I know you ache.
I know you wish the work were done
and you
with everyone you have ever loved
were on a distant shore
safe, and unafraid.
But remember this,
tired as you are:
you are not alone.
and here
and here also
there are others weeping
and rising
and gathering their courage.
You belong to them
and they to you,
and together
we will break through
and bend the arc of justice
all the way down
into our lives.
- Audette Fulbright

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halfway there and making plans

I'm halfway done with the Satsuma Christmas banner (for that is what it is!) and finished the 'on' last night.
This took a while, I'm not sure why, since it is basically all straight hunks of cross stitch but never mind.

I know you have been waiting with baited breath about whether I will do Loch Ness or Voss with the black,white and pink yarn. Well guess what! I'm going in a different direction. I decided on a new pattern by Casapinka calledNo Harm, No Cowl. I also had a coupon from Casapinka and got the pattern at half price.  It reminds me of Loch Ness and should be a pretty straightforward knit.

I also have the yarn to do Boxed and Cabled so that will be my bigger project for the fall.

I also want to do this cute little Holiday Charm Set just because it is small and cute. And I have a pile of yarn that can be used for these adorable gnomes in the pattern Here We Gnome Again!

I'm going to finish up the cable and bead mitts before I get too far on anything, as the weather is turning.

So that's my knitting life right now. What lovely things do you have planned?

Thursday, October 18, 2018

E is for Effort

This E was an effort--I did some Very Bad Counting ad had to restart it a few times. SO FRUSTRATING. I am not a neat Cross Stitcher either. Anyhoo--this E is done and I am on to the 'on' in "Peace on Earth". I really like this design and I have another one in the pipeline (another Christmas piece).

Cross stitch also makes me like knitting more. I'm not sure why, but it does.

Other than that, work is busy and life tends to be busy. We have Symphony tonight and I have a tenure meeting tomorrow (not mine, but we are voting on several people). The middle of the term (we just finished week 4 out of 10) tends to be the crazy time, mostly because we only really have four weeks to get stuff done before Thanksgiving, finals, and then the fairly long winter break.

Yes, I'm already looking forward to it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Back to the FO Future

I finished the first one (except for the thumb).  These are really hard to photograph due to the black yarn, but there are cables and there are beads and in person they look really good. Trust me! I am proud that I haven't succumbed to the call of the New Project Siren Song (yet) but it is coming, I'm sure.

It is week 4 and I finally feel like I'm kind of in the new term groove. I can tell mostly because I play some 'brain games' every day and the first two weeks of the term my concentration was shot and my scores dipped down. Now I'm back to improving a little bit every day so that's good.

I had a bit of a fright (another one) on Sunday when a book chapter for a book I'm working on didn't get done (it happens) but I had a bad draft of it and so I worked almost all day yesterday (other than class, and a few student meetings) and banged out a pretty good draft.

We're watching Season 3 of "Billions" and I like it, mostly because I really like the two main actors (Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis). Most of the financial stuff I can't follow that well, but everyone is evil and I kind of like shows like that. And it isn't violent.

POLL NEWS: it looks like its a tie (I also ran the poll on Rav) and so I think I'm going to do Nova Scotia FIRST and then do the other one once I finish the sanquhar cowl.

Have a good day!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Very very frightening me

I wandered into the yarn room two days ago to find something kind of mindless to knit, and I was shocked at my Big Bag of UFOs.  However, I did reduce the bag by one by finishing these:

These are some slippers I made out of a thicker fingering yarn (it might be sport). I made up the pattern myself, and they look good and I think will stay on too. And I even remembered how to make the second one by just looking at the first one.

I'm a bit scared to look back in the bag but nevertheless I will persist.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Nova Scotia or Voss?

Remember this?

I have narrowed it down to two choices. 

First is Nova Scotia:

 I have knit a Nova Scotia in blues and yellow and had fun knitting it. I even posted that I would knit it again. Here it is almost finished--I did finish this right after I took this picture but didn't photograph it.

The second choice is Voss:
Which is kind of like a Sanquhar and kind of not. There are three colors in here: , white, back and blue, and I guess I'd sub the pink for the blue. That could be very cool.

What think y'all?

Finally Friday

This has been a bit of a long week. Like last spring term, Fall term has become very busy, but in mostly good ways. I'm recruiting for the next group of the new Master's program, I'm seeing lots and lots of students on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I'm on an interesting new committee. Plus all the other stuff.

We don't have required office hours (maybe we do--2 maybe?). Anyway, what I decided is that I will be available most of the day on Monday and Wednesday between 7:30 and 3:30 (except for class from 10-12). If my door is open, come on in!   Sometimes students ask when  I'm in and we'll set a time but also I'm getting a lot of drop ins. I do have times that I'm 'always' there but the extra hours are fun and I'm meeting a lot of new students and enjoying it (although basically it wipes off Mondays and Wednesdays as days to get anything done).

I have two papers that are close to submission and waiting for three chapters to finish off a book and then there's editing the book I wrote with Charlie, which in some ways is hard because his voice is there on the page but also such a lovely reminder of him.

Last night was our Hall of Achievement dinner for the journalism school. Sometimes this is fun, sometimes the food is good. Rarely both. Last night was one of the two. I'll leave it to your imagination.

But I did nab these:

It's hard to do fall flowers, and this arrangement is in my untrained opinion really nice.  Basically white flowers with some sparkly fall leaves and some things that look vaguely weedish. And some berries, and a curlycue thingy. Can you tell I don't have an advanced degree in plants? Here is a close up.

And I want to cast on for all the things, although so many things are cast on. Yesterday I figured out a gift for someone who sometimes reads this blog and started on it, so you will only get extreme close ups of said thing.

Let's just say it is STR and it is lovely working on it.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Planning ahead

I know I wrote a post on 'stuff I want to knit' but I have more stuff I want to knit.

Some fall-y Knit Picks for a fally cowl, I think. Probably fall next fall, I guess. But I like these colors a lot. It may be another fair isle type of thing.

And this will be a cowl that will just be pretty. There are sparkles.

And as much as I say I want to only knit little things, I've cast on for another Sanquhar cowl--this one by Wendy Johnson in really really little yarn. There are 14 charts that are all repeated twice. Most charts have 22 rows. And there are more than 200 stitches on the needle. Luckily it is in the round.

But it isn't going quickly. That's ok.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

C here!

It's an C

I have to say, these little pieces of counted cross stitch are a balm to my soul. They're simple and straightforward.  I have to go a little bit slower than with the Australia alphabet because I can't go in from the front and then under and then up-- i have to go in through the front and pull the threat out, and then up through the back and pull the thread out.

Counted cross stitches will understand what i mean.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Deadline Socks and tardy quora

First up, the deadline socks, named as such because they must be done by Halloween. I cast on Thursday night and cast off the first one last night so I think I'll make it:

 They're fall colored--red and orange and gold and brown and for some inexplicable reason, pink. The label is long gone. So I'm usually not that into Halloween, but I was asked to judge a costume contest at school and so figured I needed to up my game a tiny bit (and considering I have absolutely no game, that won't be hard). So--I bought some ears for Calypso's party that are technically fox ears. I have a fox colored sweater. And I'll have fall socks that are sort of foxy. And I bought a little pin on etsy that says "What the Fox" so I'm set.

Kathy had a quora and I'm tardy:

*. Do you like after thought heels? I have never done an afterthought heel. I might have to try.
* Do you let the weather win? On the coast this weekend it was rainy on Friday, glorious on Saturday, rainy on Sunday. I can deal with that kind of pattern. Generally I'm ok with gloom though.
*Do you plan your television time?  Or do you just turn it on and look for something that interests You?  The only 'live' stuff we watch is football. We record stuff and zip through the commercials.
*  Has a purchase surprised you of late? We bought a steam vac for the house and it works surprisingly well, so there's that!
*Are you holiday knitting?  Yes! I'm working on a project in cross stitch and I also have some yarn on order for a gift for Tim.
*  Did you share any plants this year? Ha no, only if dead ones count.

Monday, October 08, 2018


We found a new beach (well new to us) on Saturday in a little town called Neskowin. We have driven by the little town dozens of times (I wouldn't even call it a town---it is a hotel, a small condo complex, maybe a dozen houses, two restaurants, and a little market) but have never stopped. The inn there is called  "The Inn at Proposal Rock" which I assumed was a rock where people got engaged.

You can't really see it from 101, so it never seemed stop-worthy. The restaurant (The Cafe at Hawk Creek) was delicious but no beach view. At least, from where we were sitting.

But it is beautiful.

The big hunk of stuff on the right is proposal rock.

You can even see our rock--Chief Kiwanda's Rock--from the beach:

 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it is fuzzy but there.

And it was a little 'chunky' in the ocean. My friend Matt who is a surfer says this type of surf is called "Victory at Sea."

And I knit a sock.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

The Sea is All Around

We came out to the coast for the weekend--I was having a hard week even before I found out about my friend Charlie's death, and we thought it was a good idea to come to our 'refuge' for a quick visit.

It is.

Yesterday was a stormy day---we had a few periods of the famous 'sideways' rain and it was quite blustery, although we did get out for three walks with the dogs. We basically holed up (I did a quick run to the little grocery in town to get stuff to make dinner) and we worked on things and I spent some time reading and knitting and it was, as my friend Lauren calls it, a balm for the soul. Since our last visit, we have trimmed some more trees (they gave their lives to be firewood for us) and put in sod in the back yard for the dogs (they like that very much). We also are putting up cell shades that make it much cozier. This morning Tim is building a fire in the Tulikivi and Comet is cozied up next to me and Pilot is sleeping somewhere away from the scary fire.

And now we have this-

It's actually much clearer now (I took these about an hour ago) and promises to be a lovely day.

I still feel sad---and I'm sure I will for a while (and political news does not help me much)--and still have trouble getting my head around this week's sad news.

I have also finished two more little objects for the Christmas project:

As you can see, I hate weaving in for counted cross stitch as much as I hate weaving in for knitting.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Sad farewell

I learned yesterday that my friend Charlie Robertson passed suddenly on Monday. His son posted he had a heart attack.

I've known him for 20 years. He is a leader in the advertising industry in the US and in the UK, and practically invented the idea of 'account planning' which is the search for consumer insights that lead to better brand messages. That probably won't mean much to my lovely blog readers, but this is how he changed advertising: instead of hearing ads with 'features and benefits' or 'unique selling propositions', Charlie took the time to talk to people and understand what their hopes and dreams were--not just surface feelings but really really deep feelings--and helped brands tell stories that people wanted to pay attention to, not turn off. It sometimes affected purchases, it sometimes didn't, but it made people not hate advertising so much.

He came to Oregon several times as our Ward Executive in Residence when basically he spent hours and hours and hours with students--encouraging them, reviewing their work--LISTENING to them because that is what he did best.

My favorite memory is that we met up in Milan for an advertising conference along with one of my students, Emily. We gave several presentations that were just FUN and then Charlie took us to some 'real' Milanese restaurants where we ate boar and things that I'd never eat except Charlie said we REALLY should---and the end of the day always ended with gelato.

We just finished the manuscript for a book, and it was so much fun to work with him. I'm glad we finished it and that the book will be part of his legacy.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far and learning a bit more about this remarkable man. I can't believe he's gone. Rest in gentle peace, friend.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Kathy asked for three positive things to focus on today

I'm feeling, in the words of Simon and Garfunkle, "weary, feeling small" given the state of the world and the actions of our Senate.  So here are my three positive things:

1. We are off to the coast house after work (it takes about two hours and 15 minutes to get there, we hope to get there around 9). I'll pack sandwhiches to eat in the car (Tim won't be home til 6 or so) and we'll have some coast time this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy all day which will be a good work day and 'get used to the house' day.

2. Color Affection blocked out nicely, and I highly recommend using some type of gradients to make this shawl just a bit more special.

Look closer!

3. I get to start a new mindless project! I have a few 'mindful' projects on the needles but need (for example) mindless socks. So I'll pick those out today.

Thank you Kathy for your great prompt for today! I needed it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Good intentions

I had good intentions to write a post to announce the finish of Color Affection! But today got away from me--work, a visit to the farm for some business, moving things into piles to take out to the coast tomorrow.

But here is the unblocked version. The blocked version is even better, so stay tuned!

And bonus picture of Pilot!

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Where did that expression come from--does anyone know?

Anyway--you may have participated in the Knitter's Hunk/Knitter's Chick contest and if you did, you know that the Knitter's Hunk winner was Prince Harry. You may not have known, though, that I nominated him! As such,  I received a bunch of lovely gifts.

First the yarn--which is fox colored and I think it will have to become a fox hat.  Or a knitted pumpkin. Stay tuned

 Next up is a yarn bowl, in an amazing red color.

Next are notions--a new chibi case with needles, and my favorite stitch markers that tend to wind up between the sofa cushions. I will take these out to the coast for my coastal stash. Also a little skein stitch marker/charm thingee.

I'm not sure what these bead thingees are but I like them.
And a project bag which is adorable.

And finally, a gift that I think was not in the original pile of gifts for KH/KC but that my Twinster knew was the perfect gift for me:

I'm a lucky and happy woman.