Thursday, October 18, 2018

E is for Effort

This E was an effort--I did some Very Bad Counting ad had to restart it a few times. SO FRUSTRATING. I am not a neat Cross Stitcher either. Anyhoo--this E is done and I am on to the 'on' in "Peace on Earth". I really like this design and I have another one in the pipeline (another Christmas piece).

Cross stitch also makes me like knitting more. I'm not sure why, but it does.

Other than that, work is busy and life tends to be busy. We have Symphony tonight and I have a tenure meeting tomorrow (not mine, but we are voting on several people). The middle of the term (we just finished week 4 out of 10) tends to be the crazy time, mostly because we only really have four weeks to get stuff done before Thanksgiving, finals, and then the fairly long winter break.

Yes, I'm already looking forward to it!


kathy b said...

The way you put it, yes winter break is not far away. Zach's been pretty stressed teaching and I know he gets two mini breaks in November plus one non student faculty day. That should help.
Your "e" is love lee.

Kym said...

I love the colors in your E . . . they look very fun to work with. I remember when I was a student -- and when my kids were students (much more recent!) -- how quickly everything moved along once Thanksgiving arrived. Just . . . .whooosh . . . and the semester is finished. Hope it all goes quickly (and smoothly) for you, too. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

It is frustrating to have the count off! Glad you stuck with it!
Do some knitting; the yarn will feel really thick after the embroidery floss! lol

Tired Teacher said...

Every time I see your lovely stitching I think I need to start a project.