Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halfway there and making plans

I'm halfway done with the Satsuma Christmas banner (for that is what it is!) and finished the 'on' last night.
This took a while, I'm not sure why, since it is basically all straight hunks of cross stitch but never mind.

I know you have been waiting with baited breath about whether I will do Loch Ness or Voss with the black,white and pink yarn. Well guess what! I'm going in a different direction. I decided on a new pattern by Casapinka calledNo Harm, No Cowl. I also had a coupon from Casapinka and got the pattern at half price.  It reminds me of Loch Ness and should be a pretty straightforward knit.

I also have the yarn to do Boxed and Cabled so that will be my bigger project for the fall.

I also want to do this cute little Holiday Charm Set just because it is small and cute. And I have a pile of yarn that can be used for these adorable gnomes in the pattern Here We Gnome Again!

I'm going to finish up the cable and bead mitts before I get too far on anything, as the weather is turning.

So that's my knitting life right now. What lovely things do you have planned?


Delighted Hands said...

Gorgeous plans for future knits! I like to have some incentive laid out for me, too!

Tired Teacher said...

The gnomes are adorable! No Harm, No Cowl will be a fun knit.

kathy b said...

Oh those gnomes !!!!! They are adorable