Monday, October 29, 2018

I really like all my current projects!

I mean, I guess I always like my current projects or else I wouldn't do them, but at the moment I really really like the ones I'm working on now, to the extent that I'm thinking "I want to work on THAT one tonight, no I want to work on THAT one, no I want to...." which is a good place to be.

The cowl! The cowl! This yarn is so soft and it has little sparklies in it (it is some Knit Picks yarn---off to check it out now--it was Stroll Glimmer which is primarily superwash merino but it is SO SOFT.

I read an interesting book called "Ghosted" by Rosie Walsh--another one that is sort of an unreliable narrator but it is more of a 'the way you are reading this may lead you to X conclusion but SURPRISE it is really Y!". I liked it.

Rain rain rain rain here in the Pac NW.


Kym said...

Your knitting looks like a dessert! (And I mean that in the best way possible.) XO

Tired Teacher said...

From the photos I see why you love this project so much: it has an interesting and attractive stitch pattern and color placement.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Your cowl is going to be gorgeous. I can see why you're loving the process.

kathy b said...


Do tell me how you deal with all the rainy days. I'm coming up with strategies. Those are the days that get me down. Im considering swimming although the drive to and from and the initial plunge into cold..have me rethinking that.

I love your cowl.

Delighted Hands said...

I like the new project on the needles! That shawl is very pretty!
Sorry for the rain.