Saturday, October 27, 2018

Just Beachy

Even though the forecast called for Gale force winds today, we awoke to a fairly calm sky and a clear view of our rock.

We went down to the beach to do a good walk with the dog at around 10am, and just hit the window for good weather. The gale winds weren't happening but the waves were huge!

There must be some type of 'surfers hotline' because more and more surfers kept arriving. The waves did look good. At one point Tim counted more than 30 surfers.

It feels a little deserted in town, but there were quite a few people on the beach.  Here's another lovely view:

Later we went to the Cafe at Hawk Creek for fish tacos and fish and chips, and it started raining as soon as we got home. Yay timing!

Here is one more video of the waves.


Tired Teacher said...

You live in a beautiful area. I love watching the beauty and power of the ocean albeit from a safe distance.

Vera said...

Thanks for the videos! Your area is just so beautiful. tacos sound great (even early in the morning - lol).

Delighted Hands said...

Just beautiful; so calming to watch the ocean!