Thursday, October 04, 2018

Kathy asked for three positive things to focus on today

I'm feeling, in the words of Simon and Garfunkle, "weary, feeling small" given the state of the world and the actions of our Senate.  So here are my three positive things:

1. We are off to the coast house after work (it takes about two hours and 15 minutes to get there, we hope to get there around 9). I'll pack sandwhiches to eat in the car (Tim won't be home til 6 or so) and we'll have some coast time this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy all day which will be a good work day and 'get used to the house' day.

2. Color Affection blocked out nicely, and I highly recommend using some type of gradients to make this shawl just a bit more special.

Look closer!

3. I get to start a new mindless project! I have a few 'mindful' projects on the needles but need (for example) mindless socks. So I'll pick those out today.

Thank you Kathy for your great prompt for today! I needed it.


kathy b said...

You are so welcome! Kim I love that you are going to the Coast house. Please give us more photos!!!
Thanks for your 3 things!

kathy b said...

Your color affection is gorgeous Kim

Caffeine Girl said...

That Color Affection is spectacular. I like your suggestion about gradients. Of course, I like anything with gradients.
Glad that you are enjoying your new house!

Kym said...

Enjoy a FABULOUS weekend at the coast house! (And your shawl is so lovely!)

Delighted Hands said...

The shawl turned out beautifully! Nice job. Enjoy the coastal home this weekend!