Saturday, October 06, 2018

The Sea is All Around

We came out to the coast for the weekend--I was having a hard week even before I found out about my friend Charlie's death, and we thought it was a good idea to come to our 'refuge' for a quick visit.

It is.

Yesterday was a stormy day---we had a few periods of the famous 'sideways' rain and it was quite blustery, although we did get out for three walks with the dogs. We basically holed up (I did a quick run to the little grocery in town to get stuff to make dinner) and we worked on things and I spent some time reading and knitting and it was, as my friend Lauren calls it, a balm for the soul. Since our last visit, we have trimmed some more trees (they gave their lives to be firewood for us) and put in sod in the back yard for the dogs (they like that very much). We also are putting up cell shades that make it much cozier. This morning Tim is building a fire in the Tulikivi and Comet is cozied up next to me and Pilot is sleeping somewhere away from the scary fire.

And now we have this-

It's actually much clearer now (I took these about an hour ago) and promises to be a lovely day.

I still feel sad---and I'm sure I will for a while (and political news does not help me much)--and still have trouble getting my head around this week's sad news.

I have also finished two more little objects for the Christmas project:

As you can see, I hate weaving in for counted cross stitch as much as I hate weaving in for knitting.


Delighted Hands said...

Pretty view, a cozy fire and handwork will help you feel better!

kathy b said...

Im so sorry Kim. Loss is so difficult. I is our hardest part of life I think.
Im glad you are with your dear husband and taking it easy on yourself. BIG HUGS

Tired Teacher said...

Your new home sounds like a nice retreat/refuge. It's important to have a place to escape the world's problems for a bit.