Sunday, October 14, 2018

Very very frightening me

I wandered into the yarn room two days ago to find something kind of mindless to knit, and I was shocked at my Big Bag of UFOs.  However, I did reduce the bag by one by finishing these:

These are some slippers I made out of a thicker fingering yarn (it might be sport). I made up the pattern myself, and they look good and I think will stay on too. And I even remembered how to make the second one by just looking at the first one.

I'm a bit scared to look back in the bag but nevertheless I will persist.


Delighted Hands said...

In the first pic I thought they were baby booties-and then I understood!
Brilliant knit! They look comfy!

Kym said...

Nice! I have nothing to knit right now. Nothing. (But I'm sure I'll remedy that soon.) :-)

Tired Teacher said...

I think we all have the dread bag filled with UFOs. I like your colorful slippers. Now, on to the next UFO

kathy b said...

Well, Kim, if they all turn out that wonderful you have nothing to fear.
I love the slipper socks. I wear a pair of knit slippers to bed each night, just to get my toes warmed up under the down comforter now. Im so missing the open windows to our room. I may just get icicles on my nose and open a window a crack anyhow. Kim, I've been very sad about the weather change so quickly. Im talking to my dear doctor tomorrow about it. I usually love the fall.