Sunday, October 28, 2018

What's your definition of breezy?

As in, you look outside and say 'oh it is breezy out'. Is that a gentle breeze? Or is it, oh say, 30 mph gusts that go on for, oh say, six or eight hours?

We experienced our first 'storm' yesterday and I put the word in quotes because I'm guessing most people here wouldn't even refer to it as a storm. It started right when we got back from Neskowin and went til about 9pm or so last night. We could hear the wind and sometimes the windows did a little shimmy, but that was it. When we walked around this morning (because it now looks like this:

Anyway, we noticed that other than a portable restroom and a cushion on a chair left outdoors that was slightly askew, no remnants of the storm remain.

Tim did a jigsaw this weekend (I helped with the edge pieces and maybe five middle pieces, I'm not a jigsawyer) (I made up that word):

If you look closely you'll see that it is reversible. It is  jigsaw of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water.

Finally, in addition to the new cowl, I got a start on the next letter in the holiday banner, another E (this is the third E and the last E):

Heading back after lunch to get prepared for a very busy week of meetings. Hope your Sunday is lovely!


kathy b said...

Oh that's windy alright! Your views are just stunning no matter! Glad you had a weekend retreat of sorts.

Tired Teacher said...

It's been windy here, too, but it's pretty typical to have 40+mph winds with gust up to 60+mph.

Kudos on finishing the reversible jigsaw puzzle - impressive work.

Vera said...

It's been windy here too! I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles (so I am a jigsawyer - I like that word), a reversible one sounds tough though!!

Delighted Hands said...

I love to do puzzles like that-fun! The new letter will be nicer knowing it is the last one! lol I'm glad there wasn't any damage from the wind!