Friday, November 23, 2018

A bit of a limbo day

We're having a bit of an odd day here, mostly because we need to keep the house perfectly clean and straight and so that limits what we do.

Right now, a professional photographer is here taking photos of the house for our architect. So this morning involved vacuuming and putting things away and of course things start to go wrong. I got the dust cyclinder of our new vacuum cleaner jammed in incorrectly and it took Tim about an hour to take it apart and fix it. We had to put a lot of things like the electric toothbrushes away so now the house sparkles (according to Tim).  And later this afternoon our neighbors from Eugene are coming by--they got a last minute booking in Pacific City and will come over for a drink and to see the house.

It was pouring down rain this morning, but all of a sudden it just magically cleared up and now we have this:

I brought three projects out with me--the mitts are almost done, the grey sweater slowly grows, and the new cross stitch project needs the lighted magnifying mirror that I did not bring up with me. Curses!

Thanksgiving wrap up:

  • We brought out a TV and set it up Wednesday night, only to find the cable wasn't working. We called Thursday morning at 8:30 and said they could have a guy out by 10am. We didn't really believe them but the guy came out and fixed it. I guess it might be because we have the business service on the coast, but not complaining. Because one holiday tradition is to watch the Dog Show and so we did.
  • Dinner was duck breast, three sides, and chocolate peau de creme. The three sides were baked sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts cooked in duck fat, and a potato/artichoke heart salad. Everything was delicious, and it was very festive.
  • I finished two books yesterday. The first was the second book in the "Morrigon Crow" series which is one of those series trying to be the next "Harry Potter." I've written about it before and it is a good book but not great--there's some good 'world building' in it and interesting characters but it is trying a little too hard to be Harry Potter while not being Harry Potter. I also read "The Library Book" by Susan Orlean which was great, especially if you are a reader (which I know most of you are!). It is a book about libraries in general and the LA Library Fire of 1986 in particular. The only challenge I had with the book is that it is very put-downable and I read other things in between, when I should have just finished it off. I'm also reading "Nine Perfect Strangers" by Liane Moriarty and I want it to be over now, but I'm only about 70% done.
  • Yesterday's weather included lots of downpours and windy winds and even a thunderstorm. I guess that is winter on the Oregon coast.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


kathy b said...

That could be THE perfect book for Allison for Christmas. My library masters girl!

I bet the house looked amazing!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Pretty cool to have professional pics of the house!
The view and the day knitting is wonderful......

Vera said...

Very cool to have professional pictures taken of your place. Brussels Sprouts cooked in duck fat sound AMAZING!!!!