Saturday, November 10, 2018

A few more letters

I'm down to the second-to-last little banner on the Christmas banner---my goal is to finish this by Thanksgiving and that should be easily met.

The R and the T look good, but the H might be my favorite letter.

It is cool and foggy this morning--not much on the agenda for the weekend although if I have the energy I may rake some leaves.

I'm reading "The Library Book" by Susan Orlean and so far it is very interesting--about a fire at the LA Public Library.

Nancy had asked about beads--in terms of whether I plop  them on one at a time or whether I string them all one before. Well, I am a plopper--I use the tiny little crochet hook and put them on whenever needed. I think I did the stringing thing once and while I enjoyed it, I don't have a lot of patience sometimes and just want to knit the thing.

Are you a plopper or a patient stringer?


kayT said...

The only time I strung beads, per the pattern, the constant rubbing of the yarn in the beads ended up breaking the yarn. Probably the beads weren't perfectly smooth but then they usually arent, so now I am definitely a plopper.

Your letters are looking good!

Tired Teacher said...

I strung the beads on a project and will not do it again, as I was constantly fighting with the beads on the yarn. I'm going to become a plopper!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Ha! I'd describe myself more as a bead dropper than a plopper but I'm definitely not a stringer. I attempted to string beads once for a project, got about a third of the beads strung and decided that NO project was worth the effort. So now, I purchase twice as many beads as the pattern calls for because I know that about 40% of them will end up on the floor.

Can't wait to see your finished cross stitch!

Delighted Hands said...

Nice job on the banner progress!
I have tried both ways and much prefer the freedom of being a plopper!

KSD said...

I know you're my twinnie and all, but whether I plop or not is sort of my own business.

kathy b said...

Oh I am a stringer for sure. When i made the beaded purses, I strung them on the yarn and pulled them up as needed. It seemed easiest to me.