Tuesday, November 13, 2018

All the little problems

Yesterday was the first day of registration for winter term, and it was the first time our graduate program person had responsibility for registration, and it was a bit of a train wreck. I had emails about registration issues starting at 7am! Luckily it was all taken care of by the start of class at 10am, and dealing with registration is better than coffee!

Some of the problems included:
-student had a registration hold because she was lacking immunizations
-student couldn't register for more than 16 credits
-classes had disappeared

But I think things are all on the correct path right now. Time will tell.

I finished the final two letters:

Well, I guess the dove of peace isn't actually a letter.

On the way home yesterday I bought brown craft paper, glue, and a hole punch so I can start work on finishing these off.


Tired Teacher said...

Kudos on finishing the stitching. I'm eager to see them all together.

kathy b said...

The Dove of Peace is just lovely.
Wow. SO much goes on behind university scenes....You seem to take it in stride. That's they benefit of seeing things work out in the past, I guess. You are also such a calm person Kim. It comes across in your posts.

Kym said...

Can't wait to see what you are going to do with your letters!

Delighted Hands said...

Glad most of the problems weren't insurmountable!!!
I can't wait to see your banners!

KSD said...

As a GTA, I loathed working registrations. Tempers short, enrollments full. . . A big ol' mess.