Sunday, November 04, 2018

Another catch up

I know I posted a lot of catch up alpaca photos on Saturday, but a few more catch ups for you.


I have the back yoke done of boxed and cabled:

The construction is interesting--you knit the back yoke, then pick up stitches for the front (two sides), and then I guess you knit the back and then the sleeves.This is the whole back yoke. It needs blocking because right at the center it is a bit poofy--the back was a bunch of short rows.

It is a pretty cable though.


"The Lost Book of the Grail" by Charlie Lovett. It is the story set in modern times of people in Barchester looking for a lost book that could indicate where the Grail is. It goes back in time to how the book got 'lost' in the first place and now I want to go to Glastonbury and visit all the King Arthur places.

-the new season of "House of Cards" (though I took a snooze during it last night)
-the new season of "Rake" (Australian show)
-the new season of "Poldark" because Ross Poldark is a cutie (yes, Tim knows about my little crush on Ross Poldark).

Now that is a catch up!


Tired Teacher said...

Boxed & Cabled is progressing nicely and looks great!

Vera said...

Boxed & Cabled is really pretty! I saw there is a new season of House of is it?

Delighted Hands said...

I like the way the cables look in the brown yarn--good progress.