Friday, November 02, 2018

Boxed and Cabled

Well, I have the back yoke done but have reached a little issue. An overcomable issue but one that I need to be awake and sitting in strong light for.

Here is the yoke:

The next step is horizontal stitch which is fiddly. Fiddly fiddly fiddly. I know once I get it 'started' it will be fine but for the moment it is just annoying.

And the washing machine is not working, but luckily the repair person can come by and diagnose this afternoon. I don't have anywhere to be but here, apparently, fiddling with horizontal stitch.


Tired Teacher said...

Good luck with the fiddly section. Strong light is a big help for knitting with dark yarn.

Delighted Hands said...

I hope you got this done because I want to see how it worked out! Intriguing!

KSD said...

Hey, my washing machine is busted, too. Twinness in good and bad.