Saturday, November 03, 2018

Catch up

It's Saturday hooray!

Yesterday became a bit of a lost day. The washing machine guy was scheduled to come between 1 and 5, so I was just sort of 'on hold' waiting for him. The amazing thing is that after I got back from the farm (more on that soon) I turned on the machine one more time. And voila, it worked. I decided to still have him come over since maybe it was something he saw all the time and had a hint on how to make it happen again. So yeah, he finally arrived at 4:35 and had no insights at all. Oh well. I did pay for the call (he offered not to charge me) but that's OK because if/when it happens again they'll come out for free, they have all the data about the washer, and I'll be on the top of the list.

I figured out the horizontal knitting, and it was much easier than the written directions suggested. There's a good video on it:

OK on to the good stuff. The cowl is moving forward:

It is a fun knit.

And it was a bit of a grey and drizzly morning, and I had a nice type with all my buddies at the farm. 

Tripoli is getting big and he loves to give little nuzzly kisses. His fleece is beautiful, and he mostly grey underneath.

I was trying to get some good Calypso pictures for a Christmas card. This is good (good ears).

This is Calypso's dad Kokopelli.

Here is Calypso with my other boy, Atom, int he far background and Kalahari (I think. It may be Strider).


Calypso ears down.

Calypso with Atom in the back.

Tripoli doing the Tripoli Trot.

Catalina with Marigold the Llama in the background.

Calypso and Atom.
 More of that cute little face.

Mother and child reunion.


Tired Teacher said...

Aww, Tripoli is adorable! Glad the knitting challenge worked out and that your washer decided to repair itself.

KSD said...

The last one is the Christmas card. Tim can deal.

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, yes, a braid! I'm sure it will outline the yoke beautifully!
Nothing like a cria hug to make your day all set to rights!

Vera said...

I did that horizontal braid on a pair of sox - love it. So nice looking (and different).Love the pic with the ears up!!