Friday, November 16, 2018

Hello Friday!

Hey there Friday. You're very foggy and dank but that's ok, I love you anyway!

The Box and Cable sweater is coming along. Here is the current progress:

The construction is interesting on this. What you are seeing is the back (with the cable) and the two 'front' parts that will make the front part of the sweater. I have a few more rows to go on the 'right' side of the front, and then this whole thing will be joined in the round, and then I pick up stitches for the sleeves.

The 'V' will be behind my neck (where the piece 'splits' to form the front) and then it just hangs no buttons or anything, no real neckline). And the cable continues down the sleeves.

So yeah, interesting. I keep having to look at the picture to remind myself how it looks.

I sometimes mock the "Craft Gossip Newsletter" here (and will continue to do so!) but today's newsletter provided an interesting idea, particularly for quick holiday gifts:

This is a crocheted coaster and it is pretty cute. I don't crochet but I could easily make this as a knit square. It is done with cotton yarn, and the full crochet pattern is here.

And just so I get a bit of mocking in: this was also featured today. You print this out and put it in a frame and your Thanksgiving decorating is done.

I don't think Martha Stewart would approve.

Last night was the symphony. It was an interesting program (I guess my word today is interesting). Two pieces I loved: The Brandenberg (sp?) Concerto and a Mozart piece (German dances). One piece I kind of liked---Bernstein's "Fancy Free" (it is Bernstein's---centennial? Of his birth? And lots of orchestras are doing Bernstein stuff) . The fourth piece was contemporary and it was interesting (there's that word) and some of it was lovely and other parts were weird.

Here is a little video of a rehearsal that will share what the group was like (it is only a minute long).

I'm off to meet my friend Lauren and then come home and knock out what needs knocking out.


Vera said...

I am so intrigued by that sweater!!!

I love the Brandenberg piece and yup - Bernstein's 100th birth year. Tons of Bernstein stuff going on EVERYWHERE!!

Tired Teacher said...

Eagerly watching your sweater progression. Martha Stewart has disappeared from my radar for some reason. She has good ideas, but oh my, many aren't practical for my lifestyle.

Bridget said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes you find something that is really quite OK in a publication or whatever you usually mock? That makes it all the funnier to me ...

Delighted Hands said...

The sweater is going to come together all of a sudden and we will all say, "Of course that is what it was going to look like!"

Kym said...

LOVE the Brandenberg concertos. (Maybe my favorite classical piece.) (Maybe.) And, yeah. Leonard Bernstein's 100th! I think every orchestra everywhere will be paying tribute to him this year. :-) Have a great weekend.

kathy b said...

The gift coaster is just beautiful. How cute. That sweater looks intricate and beautiful!!!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I'm so glad you admitted that you have to keep looking at the photo because that SO doesn't look like a sweater. :) But, with your explanation, I can kinda see how it will turn into one. I imagine it will be beautiful with those cables running down the sleeves. Can't wait to see it turn into something actually wearable! :)