Sunday, November 18, 2018

Forgot to title this one!

My task yesterday was to finish off the cross stitch banner, and I took photos along the way. I had to do a bit of 'retrofitting' as you will see.

First, here were all the 'unfinished' flags:


Just so you know, these are not big. They are probably 3" wide by 4" high and so it isn't a big exciting banner.  I wanted to give it more 'oomph'.

Also, before I cut them out, I realized some were not centered correctly--look, for example, on the 'r' and the 't' in earth. I knew I had to do something to compensate because I didn't want them to look off center, so I had cut the notches to be centered with the letter and then had to figure out how to make it look OK.

Also (so many also's!) I needed to put a backing on these, and the recipe recommended brown craft paper.  First came a glue test, where I tested both 'clear' and 'white' Glue.

I glued a bunch of scraps of the perforated paper onto brown paper and labeled them all, then let them dry. Clear glue, spread out thin, won. I drew an 'edging' of glue---

And then spread the glue thinly,

And then plopped the flag on.

When I came to a wonky flag, I put it on so the point was centered.

And then I let it all dry.

You can kind of see the scale of the flags---the glue bottle at the top is a standard size bottle of glue, and it is about the same height as a flag.

After it all dried, I used washi tape to create a border around each flag. This allowed me to do a bit of 'cheating' on the ones that weren't quite lined up correctly, and the final flags are all the same length, although width varies a tiny bit.

And here they are a bit close up:

Now I need to string these on ribbon and then hang them up. I think the border would look OK a bit thinner, so I might trim them down, but I also like how they look so nicely framed.  So obviously there is a bit more work to go but I'm close to having this done.

While I was waiting for the glue to dry, I popped out to the farm. It was almost 60 degrees and sunny, and the grass is growing like nobody's business. The boys were down at the far end of the field:

And while I walked down to say hello, they were much more interested in teh green grass.

I did get this #nofilter shot of Chanel and Tripoli:

At the end of the afternoon, I finished "Becoming" and it was good (spoiler: I got a bit bored during her description of the first campaign). In the evening we finished off "House of Cards" which was......ok. Just ok.

Enjoy Sunday!


Tired Teacher said...

The frames make the banner letters " pop": they will look festive strung on a ribbon.

Delighted Hands said...

It's always the details on the finishing that really makes the project, well, finished! Nice job on that banner!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Wow! The washi tape borders really make the cross stitching pop! It's going to look fantastic when you get it strung up.

Vera said...

Love the border and love the pics of the animals. I don't think I'll bother with House of Cards...I never got through the last season...just got too bored.