Thursday, November 29, 2018

Slow Going

My best laid crafting plans did not come to fruition. I started on a new counted cross stitch but it is challenging as I was used to perforated paper and now it is all tiny holes.

But it is started.

Two and half hours of work, right there.

It's busy at work--end of term stuff and I have one semi-problematic student who doesn't listen well and it is coming back to bite him when he didn't change something in his thesis and now it is down to the wire and he needs help with getting the thesis done and he exhausts me.

I also finished this:

Not exciting but it is a textbook. 450 pages! I have three co-authors but two were worthless. I have one more book project to finish by the end of the year (probably two days of revisions) and then I think no more textbook writing for me.

In terms of reading--I'm reading my friend Lauren's new book called "A Grip of Time". Lauren runs a writing group at the Oregon State Penitentiary and she works with men who are serving life terms. The book is great--it will change the way you think of other people. It comes out in April and I hope you all read it. You won't be sorry!


elns said...

Congrats on the textbook. I don't know what is harder writing or collaborative writing. ha!

I swear as a parent of a highschooler, half my goal is to not create the problematic student. The good thing (so far) is that my kid doesn't seem to blame others when he has his hard headed moments. He tried to tell me he couldn't make up a lab when he was sick and I bought it initially and then when full doubt hit, I checked policy. I'm an idiot for believing him. But he's the one who suffers. So hopefully he learned. I am just guiding his ass now, not saving it unnecessarily.

Anyways, I hope the work lets up a little so you can enjoy some more breathing and hobby time. I'm glad you're reading. I always like to see what you enjoy or don't!

Vera said...

Congratulations on the textbook finish (even with less-than helpful co-authors). I followed the link for the prison book - that looks really intense!

Kym said...

Man, I HATE collaborative projects. . . so hearty congratulations for you on enduring and finishing your textbook! Bravo! Will be eager to see more of your stitching project. I've never heard of cross stitching on paper. XO

Delighted Hands said...

That's a lot of time for the cross stitching! I hope the rest of the term goes smoothly; good job on the conclusion of the text book!

kathy b said...


I am shocked at the handholding you have to put up with at the graduate level. Wow. How do these people function with their other responsibilities? Im sorry you are dealing with all that.