Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Merry Day!

We had a lovely Christmas day on the coast, and I hope your day was lovely too.
It began with a sunrise that was gorgeous:

We're usually not known for our sunrises here, but this one, with the fog and the sun and the rock, was wonderful.

We had gifts (Tim did a lot of pom pom bows this holiday!).

We had tiny alpacas and rose quartzes:

We had a long walk on the beach:

We walked up the "Great Sand Dune" which is 220 feet straight up. I couldn't look down while we were walking up, but the view was gorgeous!

The waves were amazing.

 We came home and had pancakes and then hung out for most of the day. We ended with leftovers from Christmas Eve and watching the movie "The Man Who Invented Christmas" about Charles Dickens. And I knit on this sweater some more:

Just an all around happy day.

Today it is rainy and cold and we're both back to work (Tim commutes to the downstairs office, I commute to the dining room table).

Hope you are still celebrating!


Caffeine Girl said...

Wow! Those cables on your sweater are impressive -- and beautiful!
Your Christmas sounds perfect. The walks along the ocean are a gift in and of themselves!

Tired Teacher said...

Your day sounds wonderful and relaxing. Love the sweater's progression.

kathy b said...

Oh a lovely First Christmas at your new home. The sweater is a great color. It will wear so beautifully Kim

DelightedHands said...

I had a quiet day all alone today and will have another tomorrow!
(now that is a gift from my busy grandmom days!)
Beautiful view; glad you were able to enjoy the beach house!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Sounds like you had an excellent Christmas. I can't get over how gorgeous your views are.