Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Because you can't get enough--

--of my grey sweater.

Even though it seems like I can only knit three or four rows in an evening, it is progressing. Here is the measurement of the armhole:

which suggests that I am about an inch away from starting the 3" of ribbing for the bottom.

Or else I'm ready for the ribbing--do you stretch out your knits to add that extra inch that will allow you to move on to a more interesting part?

Now on to CONTROVERSY IN THE FIBER WORLD. Or I guess the clothing world.

First, Clara Parkes (who ran the late Knitter's Review website) got into a little slap down with Duluth Trading Company: read about it here.

And then, a Canadian sheep farm got upset about these tags on Lucky brand clothes:

And published this on their Facebook page:

Now, I have to admit I have a fake-fleece coat (purchased from LL Bean 7 or 8 years ago). I feel a bit guilty but I also feel a bit OK because I've only washed it once or twice (yes, that is once or twice too many). It is important to think twice about those things now, I think. 


Tired Teacher said...

This controversy is new to me. How ludicrous that someone would believe shearing harms the sheep. Sheesh! I suppose no one at the Lucky Brand gets a haircut regularly. I'm proud of Mr. McEwen for trying to educate the company.

kathy b said...

This is new to me as well. I'd not thought about the depiction of a sheep being a problem. I give the Chairman credit.

Vera said...

I had not heard of that either! Thanks for sharing the controversies!! And...your knitting looks great!

Delighted Hands said...

Great job on the knitting--NO, don't stretch to get to your length! lol

yeah, what a joke to think you can hurt a sheep by shearing it!
False advertisers, BEWARE, fiber people are watching you!

Al said...

ooh, I am out of the loop and hadn't heard this. Feel free to share these kinds of items in the future! ;)