Thursday, December 27, 2018

Coastal mornings

We have settled into a routine in the mornings---Tim puts the window shades up, turns on the Christmas tree, pours orange juice and makes coffee. I take the dogs out, get the radio set up, and build the fire. Then we enjoy coffee and juice and our Breakfast of Champions, Christmas cookies, before starting the day.

(It is all a bit more complex than in the Eugene house because the fire takes a bit of time, Tim makes aeropress coffee, and turning on the radio involves finding my Kindle (somewhere near the bed where I read before going to sleep), connecting it to the power cord and the speakers, and then finding NPR.)

The sun rises late, later than us, and this was the view at about 7:40am:

Yesterday I did some work (finished up a book project--I know, I know, I'm always finishing up a book project but this was some loose ends that arose in mid-December) and ta da--finished the whole first clue on the MKAL.

Clue 4 comes out today or tomorrow--I think I 'over planned' on my WIPs for this trip. However, more is better than less, don't you think?


kathy b said...

Whatever makes your heart happy i love to hear about your routine

DelightedHands said...

I love a routine and this sounds just right!
The shawl is coming along beautifully!

KSD said...

Your mornings sounds divine.