Sunday, December 09, 2018

Colors for your Sunday

Yesterday was a bit of a lost day--we got up very early so I could take Tim to the airport and then I was kind of out of it all day (except I did get a good chunk of the surprise gift done).  I do have some things to show you thought:

First, the blossom cowl (very early days):

I'm using a self striping yarn from String Theory. This is so cheerful! I was working on it at the faculty meeting on Friday and someone asked me "how does the yarn know exactly when to change color?" I think I gave her a head tilt and said 'well I guess it is magic.'

I signed up for a Mystery Knit Along even though that way madness lies. It is the Midwinter Moon MKAL sponsored by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They had a good deal on kits for this one, so I wound it up yesterday.

The two on the right are different, I promise. One  has blue in it, the other doesn't.

The clues come out every week, and the first clue has 148 rows and there is no way I'll get that done in a week. And the last line of the pattern makes me smile: "Leave all sts on the needles with Colors A and B attached, and set aside to wait For Clue #2!".  WAIT FOR CLUE 2! HOW I LAUGH!

Finally, I visited the farm yesterday and had a good catch up with Ann. She had showed me some yarn from Kokopelli (Calypso's dad) that she dyed a few weeks back and I really liked it but had no clue what to make. Well the new Knitty has a project called Kilim and I think that one will work well. Here are the colors I've chosen:

I think these could be very cool. The one on the far right is a purple yarn.

 I think that's it from here!


KSD said...

Again with your color-choosing superpower!

I laughed with you on Clue 2.

DelightedHands said...

Nothing like some good projects in color after all that grey!!!

Tired Teacher said...

Yes, self-striping yarn is magical. Beautiful colors for all your projects.

Vera said...

Beautiful yarns and Kilim is gorgeous! I may need to print out that pattern!

kathy b said...

Your blossom cowl start is just amazing!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Oooh! All your yarns are lovely. Can't wait to see how the projects progress.