Saturday, December 01, 2018

Friday Night Lights

Last night we traveled 20 miles south to the little town of Cottage Grove to visit an outdoor light display. It is sponsored by a golf resort and while the resort has always put up lights, this year they added a lot more and there were arguably 750,000 lights at the outdoor event.

We almost didn't go--it was pouring down rain at 4:30 and then it kind of let up at 4:45 when we planned to leave. However, driving south, it let up even more and we spent an hour walking through the lights without a drop of rain. And it started up again about five minutes after we started heading home.

It was very cool.

Lights everywhere.

If there was something that could have a light on it, there were lights on it. This was a 'lake' with swans.


This was the gingerbread house.The candy lights (in the foreground, just off center) were formed by lights put in a carry out salad container and then wrapped in colored cellophane. There was all kinds of ingenious lights here--they made flowers out of taking a white light and surrounding it with peach lights, that kind of thing.

Tim eats a giant cupcake.

Tim and aforementioned cupcake.

We got some food and sat in a little shelter on hay stacks. There was a fire burning in front of it and it was stoked continually while we were there. And we had a lovely view of Santa's house, and enjoyed watching little kids go in to see Santa.

We're standing in the tunnel of lights, which is a big draw.

And here's a bit of a panorama.

And one last one. It was fun.


Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful holiday display! I'm glad the weather cooperated with your visit.

kathy b said...

Good for you for braving the elements. You look so happy !!!!! Thanks for sharing the lights with us

Delighted Hands said...

How wonderful; I love it when things turn out so much better than I had expected! lol Lots of fun!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

The lights are gorgeous! So glad the weather cooperated for you.