Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Solstice!

Finally, we move back toward the light. I hope this Solstice is a peaceful and beautiful one for you.

We drove over to the coast yesterday. Driving up the highway it poured and was a bit dicey, but once we got off the interstate it cleared up and then it was an easy rest of the trip. We got here around noon and unloaded the car (it was so full--we brought out two big boxes of Christmas decorations, a bunch of presents, and Tim's stand mixer in addition to the regular stuff we bring out. Less stuff will be going back to Eugene!). We got the dogs and the bird settled in and then grabbed some lunch at the pub. There have been some high winds lately--

these are the newspaper boxes that are sheltered at the brew pub--you can see that the tops are coated in sand if you look closely.

 And then---finally---

 The Christmas tree is in the house! In our little town, there is a little hardware store that sells trees and I checked with them on Tuesday to see if they had any left. When we got there yesterday, they had six left (yes, six!). We were happy to see that they stored them all in water buckets (which they don't do in Eugene) and the tree we picked out was quite fresh. Tim got it on the top of the car and we took it home and stood it up. It has lights on it now and I'll show you more pictures tomorrow.

It was stormy for most of the day and then there was this, for a few minutes, at around 4:30.

And a little bit of brightness for your solstice:

Dewberry turned out lovely. 

And now finally finally, here is a video I made for my friend Matt, the surfer. It is a bit long but please keep watching til the end for something kind of amazing. I suggest to Matt on the video that he watch the right hand side of the video--the Cape--to see what happens. Please keep in mind that the cape you see here is over 100 feet high. 


DelightedHands said...

Great finish on the cowl!!!! I am sure you will have plenty of cooler days to enjoy wearing it! The video is amazing!

Unknown said...

Wow, that is some wave!
It sounds like you are going to have a very festive and cozy holiday at your new house. Enjoy!

kathy b said...

Thanks for the video fun. So glad you have a tree! It is dreary dreary dreary here. But it is the solstice. Soon our days will get longer! Happy First Christmas at your new happy house

Tired Teacher said...

The power of the ocean is amazing! I'm ready for more daylight even if it's merely seconds. I crave light this time of year.