Monday, December 17, 2018

Lookie lookie!

It's the grey sweater! I know you've been wondering where it is!

The body is done, and I'm working on the sleeves. Here is the front:

 And here is the back:

It's dark this morning still so it's hard to see the cable, but it goes all across the back. And now I'm adding the rest of sleeves so the cable will go all the way down the back of the sleeve with plain stockinette on the front.

In other news:
-we're getting ready to leave for two weeks at the coast. Do you think three large WIPs, one small WIP, and 10 additional balls of yarn is too much to take? Plus counted cross stitch?

-hoping to get a vet appointment today or tomorrow--Tim found a lump on Pilot's inner leg and while most of those are non-worrisome, we worry.

-I'm reading a really good book--"Radiant Shimmering Light" by Sarah Selecky.  It's a satire on self-help and the cult of personality. Plus dog auras.

-we're supposed to get 5 inches of rain here this week. Or up to five inches.  Yee!


Kym said...

I hope you get in to see the vet, and mostly I hope that the lump is not the worrisome kind. XOXO (You're so wise to get it checked out right away.) Your sweater looks GREAT! Can't wait to see it with sleeves, too.

Vera said...

Yes - hoping you get an appointment with the vet right away. Hoping all is ok. Your sweater looks grand.

Not sure you've planned enough to take for 2 weeks - lol.

kathy b said...

Aw really hope the dogs lump is not a big deal at all. Your sweater is gorgeous. YOu are a such a good knitter KIM!! You sound well WIP prepared. You are going to love your coast time! I''ll ask Al if she's read Radiant.....sounds funny

Tired Teacher said...

The cabling on the sweater is elegant. Taking a variety of projects to the coast is a good idea - happy crafting.

DelightedHands said...

Get out the galoshes! We had 5+" of rain over the weekend-it has raised out lake back up again! I think it is here to stay!

Your sweater is going to be gorgeous--I like the cable across the back and running down the sleeves; great design element!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love that sweater cable! Definitely not too my yarn to take. And last but not least - 5 inches of rain?!? Wow! That's a lot of rain! Merry Christmas!