Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Morning Walk

The dogs and I enjoy our morning walk--it is often so quiet and calm out, and I have time to think and plan. I never listen to the radio and rarely talk on the phone (plus, two dogs) and it is just special. This morning it was dark when we started by lightened up gradually (we started a bit after 7). Today our walk was to the 'new neighborhood' which is up the hill from my neighborhood--it takes about five or ten minutes to walk there. 

Well, unlike my neighborhood (which I guess would be the 'old neighborhood), the 'new neighborhood' people keep their outside lights on all night. So enjoy the holiday lights in the new neighborhood!

First is Strider and Luna's house (dogs, of course. I know people by their dogs).

Then we walked by Ida's house (Ida is a new pup and lives in a house that looks like a gingerbread house).

Then a bunch of bright houses in a row_

I think those are reindeer? And one more.

It is so lovely to walk through a neighborhood of lights.


KSD said...


Vera said...

Pretty!! We have lights on our patio in the back...in the front we just have them around the trunk of our weeping cherry.

kathy b said...

Lovely. I love the lights in the Chicago neighborhoods at night. We left Zach's apt after sunset yesterday and there were decorations everywhere. Then we got to the country side and the farms were decorated here too!!!!! Love the lights. I really enjoy this part of the holiday. And I love to see a lit tree when I look inside their windows. So pretty

DelightedHands said...

How pretty to have the added bonus of lights for your walk!

Tired Teacher said...

Pretty - lovely to have the lights to yourself in the early morning light.