Monday, December 03, 2018

Need some color!

I've been working on the grey sweater and it is nonstop stockinette in dark gray, so I'm craving a little color. And I misplaced a hat.

So Saturday and Sunday I whipped up a little braided headband out of dark blue (hey it's a color) yarn (some type of Elsebeth Lavold, which may have some rabbit in it):

I'm going to make a hat with this braid as the brim, as well. But I need to finish Tim's Christmas surprise present before I start too many other things.

Even though I wound  a bunch more yarn:
The blue and gold is 'Ravenclue' by STR. The other two are by string theory colorworks. I think the Ravenclue will be a cowl that can be used as a hood, the blue with the brights on the bottom will be the Dewberry cowl that Kathy loves so much. And the white and black and green (ok mostly green) coudl be a hat but it could also be a little cowl for spring.

And this happened this morning:

A crescent moon with Venus beneath it at 6:40 am this morning.


Vera said...

Great picture of the Moon & Venus! you have some mighty pretty yarn're going to have fun!

Tired Teacher said...

Love the photo of the moon and The morning star. When I was working, I enjoyed seeing the beauty of the early morning sky on my commute. Now, I'm a slug and snug in bed at that time.

kathy b said...

Aw that will make an awesome Dewberry cowl. Im glad you see your photo of the morning sky! It is beautiful

elns said...

I love to knit in color but I love to wear gray knits. I'm thinking this is pretty common.

Delighted Hands said...

Lovely yarn plans.
Nice pic of the moon and venus!!!