Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Sometimes you just have to pivot

So, you may recall I was working on a gift for Tim for Christmas (we give each other a hand made gift every year). Since he reads my blog, I've just sort of teased the gift, and it looked a bit like this:

Here is the thing. I was NOT feeling this project. I wasn't enjoying knitting it, I am far behind on where I should be with this one, and it was a chore, not a joy. (You note the past tense. You know what is coming, don't you?)

I'm pivoting. I was out running errands yesterday and found something I wanted to make for him that I was so much more excited about. And yes, we are just a few weeks from Christmas but Store Person told me 'half an hour a day every day and you'll have it finished' so we'll see. Tim is going off to a conference next week so I will have time to work on it beyond the half an hour a day so we'll see if it gets done.

This Christmas is all about the pivot. We are taking most of our decorations to the coast so we have just a small tree and a few things up in the Eugene house.

It's kind of weird to not have the house all Christmass-ed out, but it is OK.

And one tradition not to give up is the swag on the door.

Wish me luck with my pivot!


Tired Teacher said...

Gifts should be a joy for the giver and the recipient. I hope the new project will be an enjoyable knit. Love the door swag!

kathy b said...

If you weren't feeling it....gotta frog it!
You will have an awesome time at the coast this Christmas so little at the other house is ok!!

Delighted Hands said...

I hate slogging through a project I don't like--definitely switch it out!