Thursday, February 28, 2019

All snow and ice, all the time

Please skip down to the next heading if you are bored by weather
It dipped down well below freezing last night, creating a crust of ice on our snow (which had a bit of a melt yesterday).  The University is opening at 10 (I have class at ten, spoiler alert: class canceled) even though they have only plowed one parking lot and pathways are hazardous. The University encourages everyone to take alternative transportation, but the bus system is running on a very very limited schedule (a Sunday snow schedule, which means no service on my street). It is sunny, though, and the promise of above freezing temperatures by mid-morning means more melting could happen, so we'll see.

Stupid University.

And I finally finished this.

It needs blocking.

Need to put the brakes on
Barring any unforeseen difficulties, we plan to drive over to the coast this afternoon. For one thing, the cable and Internet are out here and aren't expected to come back on til next week, and Tim needs access and bandwidth to work on his dissertation, so that's our story and we're sticking to it. Plus it is supposed to be sunny and in the upper 40s over the weekend and we need that. I need that.

One of the professors at school wrote that snow days are "little vacations" for faculty members but oh they aren't. All the juggling of responsibilities, of keeping up with things that just don't stop when the University closes, and on top of that the stress of not having electricity makes it all pretty anxiety-filled. I guess maybe if all I did was teach it would be a little vacation, but since teaching isn't the largest part of my portfolio, it has been stressful.  The ocean will soothe my soul.

Uggs are not for tramping around in the snow

Just in case you were wondering.

These are not two-toned.

Art in the skylights
The buildup of snow and ice in the skylights is pretty, in kind of a Georgia O'Keefe kind of way.


Vera said...

I woke up to a soft skim of snow this morning (which was not forecast), but the roads were fine. Tomorrow morning may be a different story - I just saw snow overnight and then freezing rain by 7 a.m. Could be dicey. Yay for getting away to the Coast - enjoy!

The skylights do look sort of Georgia O'Keefe - fun!

KSD said...

Just rain here, but I will stay home in solidarity with you.

Kym said...

Living without electricity is just . . . draining. You'll be so much better off at the coast house. Hope your weather turns around quickly -- with the snow melted and the power restored. Life. . . back to normal. XO

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

LOL, I had to laugh at how claustophobic the snow on the skylight photos made me. They are pretty, but I can feel the weight of the snow pressing down. I sat here looking at them and realized I was sort of ducking down in my chair. LOL Escaping to the coast sounds like a very good plan! Wishing you sunshine & warmth!

DelightedHands said...

It's rough when the power/internet is out! Be safe-the shawl looks great!