Saturday, February 16, 2019

Casting on!

I've written many posts called "Casting On" on this blog, and here's another one!

First, here is the Friend of the forest hood which is both a hood and a cowl (if you don't wear the hood over your head). THIS IS BRILLIANT! I kind of hate wearing hats because hair mush, and I love the idea of being able to just pull up a cowl when it is lightly raining, as it does most of the time in the winter in Oregon. I will be making lots and lots of these hood/cowls. I will even experiment with my own patterns and share them because I want you to love hood/cowls too.

This is the cast on for Heart Warmer as my 'pay attention' project, as most of the other projects I have going on are mindless.

Today will be a lazy day of knitting and lunch. 


DelightedHands said...

Sitting and knitting when it's cold out is the best--love the new projects!

kayT said...

I like the idea of a cowl/hood and will be following your project with interest. What yarn are you using? It's great-looking!

Caffeine Girl said...

Those are both gorgeous patterns. I am just as taken as you with hood. I, too, hate what a hat does to my hair. This looks like the perfect solution!

Tired Teacher said...

I have hats but I rarely wear them; it has to be VERY cold before they see the light of day.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I love that hooded cowl design and have added it to my Ravelry queue. Yours is so bright and cheery - perfect for a dreary wet winter day.