Friday, February 01, 2019

Finally friday and finally February!

Rabbit rabbit to you all!

I have several thoughts/questions this morning.

1. Thought: numbats are cute. I know some of you agree with me. This Numbat is almost done and hopefully I'll finish it this weekend so I can move on to another letter.

2. Question: When you are faced with a (sort of new) task, do you tend to over- or under-estimate the amount of time it will take you? For most things, I overestimate the time. I thought it would take DAYS for me to grade the exams but it didn't. The upside is that I can work on a paper that I had no plans to work on for a while. So that's good.

3. Thought: it is challenging for me to find something good to read these days. I think it is a challenging time of the term when my head is filled with holding lots of diverse thoughts and ideas for various projects and classes and grading etc and so it is challenging for a book to push its way in there. I am reading a non fiction book about the people who 'worked' for Queen Victoria (based on a new-found stash of letters) and that is kind of interesting, particularly since we're watching the Victoria series on PBS.

4. Question: did you watch the HBO show Barry? We have been watching it on DVD and it is interesting/odd. The premise is that Barry is a hired assassin who went to LA for a job and ended up wanting to be an actor. There are some very funny references to acting tropes punctuating by Barry doing his job. So it is funny and disturbing all at once. Henry Winkler is the acting teacher and he is hysterical.

5. Thought: I'm wondering if the SuperBowl is losing its relevance (or maybe you think it already has).

Have a good weekend! I did cast on for a new thing and may even cast on for another!


Dee said...

1. I had to look up numbat. LOL They ARE cute.

2. I think I'm pretty good at time estimation. On the other hand, not much in my life has a deadline anymore.

3. Right now life is stressful. I'm going for the lighter reads. Currently reading Rick Bragg's new book --- The Best Cook In the World.

4. We don't have HBO. :-(

5. I think most sports have lost their relevance and I'm a HUGE sports nut. I gave up on the Olympics long ago when it ceased to be amateur athletes and politics became the guiding theme (along with cheating). Football has been ruined by so many rule changes that basically the foul calls dominate the game and determine the outcome. I've definitely aged out of the demographic that Superbowl producers are aiming for. I don't like the halftime entertainment and a lot of the commercials make no sense at all. :::sigh:::

That said ..........I'll probably still be watching albeit with some interesting knitting to keep my brain from going dead.

Happy first day of February and RABBIT, RABBIT to you too.

Tired Teacher said...

I tend to underestimate project time, but I also underestimate my interest in the project. When I do that, I often find myself procrastinating. I'm drawn to lighter reads and simple mysteries. I don't have HBO. I've never been a sports fan, and I don't understand the fascination so many people have with sports. I can't even tell you whose playing in the Super Bowl.

Vera said...

LOL - your last thought cracked me up. Not being a sports fan AT ALL, the Super Bowl has never had any relevance for me.

Reading: I go through fits and spurts. Sometimes it all appeals to me and other times I can't settle on anything to read. I'm currently reading what I consider to be "light" fiction and so far am enjoying.

We have HBO but I don't really watch TV and never even heard of that show.

The Numbat is very cute - reminds me of an anteater, sort of.

Estimating time - I always underestimate time for knitting projects or stitching projects. Other than that, I have no idea!

kathy b said...

Oh I underestimate the time involved in an undertaking. All the time! Even writing a blog post!
Ive been listening to interesting TED talks while Fireman watches Cnn.
Superbowl....I watch for the commercials and half time show. That's it . Is that irreverant?

DelightedHands said...

I tend to underestimate the time for projects-life always interferes!
I am in a light read mood! Have you read the Vega Jane fantasy series by David Baldacci ? The newest one comes out the end of this month!!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I hope the Superball is losing relevance...concussions! It makes me sad to see how a higher and higher percentage of football players are Black.

I always underestimate the time for projects. I also start way too many.

I also find it harder and harder to find good novels. More and more, I read nonfiction, usually history.