Wednesday, February 20, 2019

In Progress

Life is always in progress, isn't it? Let's see where my life stands.


I've been working on Heart Warmer and it is a bit slow going. The first hunk is lace and cable and it took a while. I think the yarn is Wollmeise.

Here is a close up.

I have stretched this over a white greeting card so you can see the lace and the the cable but it is still hard to see.  I'll try to rectify that in future photos.

Ghost in the Machine

A few months ago we had an issue with the washing machine as it seemed to have some type of spirit living in it that would decide when we could and could not use the washer. It announced its presence by random beeping of the controls and disallowing water into the machine. Well, it went away but it came back the other day. I asked it nicely to leave and it has left again but we fear a new washing machine is in the cards for us soon.

The Pants of Perspective

I'm reading The Pants of Perspective which is free on Kindle Unlimited about a woman named Anna (it is a true story) who does a 3000 kilometer (that's what? 1900 miles?) run from the bottom to the top of New Zealand alone. Well, solo, she's rarely alone. It is a fun little read.

LA! Here we come!

Our Master's students are so excited about our trip to LA tomorrow. We have a big conference that we're putting on on Saturday, as well as an alumni event. I think we are doing stuff Friday but it will be mostly getting prepped for Saturday. Should be fun! It is also helping my travel anxiety to be with such excited people.

Packing is in progress, that is, determining the fewest things I can take for what is essentially two days. Plus I have to dig out all my little bottles of things for the flight.

That's it from here.


Tired Teacher said...

Have a safe journey and a productive meeting. Your knitting is beautiful as is the yarn.

kathy b said...

Have FUN!!!! Fly over me and wave ok??? I was wondering if you have an email sign up on your blog that I am missing. Im trying to get all my best blog pals posts to show up in my email when a new post is up. You post often so it is not that big a deal. I just wondered if blogger has that system?

DelightedHands said...

Have a good trip! The new cowl is very pretty!

Vera said...

Very pretty cowl and safe travels to you. Enjoy the trip!