Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Just a wee bit of low-level anxiety

It is that time in the term (we're on 'quarters' of only ten weeks, and we're smack dab in the middle of week 10) when I get a bit of anxiety. I need to make sure the rest of the term is all set (it kind of is, but kind of isn't), and have to get Spring term kind of pulled together (it definitely is not). I have two new classes--one is the third class of the new Master's program year-long class and they'll set the content for that, so that will require minimal arrangement, but the other class is an Honors class in Science and Communication for which I have notes and ideas but nothing too solid. I want to get that nailed by next Tuesday (I have a bit of a grading breather, and we're headed out to the coast tomorrow as well so I'll have a bit of brain space there).

This week has been busy (it astonishes me that it is only Wednesday) as I worked on 'my half' of a paper with one of my former grad students and also revised another paper with one of my former grad students. These two students--Alec in Kansas and Matt in NJ---are good friends and it was so fun to be their advisor. I'm glad we continue to work together.

Matt and his wife Vicky are having their second baby, and Alec's wife Bethany does  embroidery for baby clothes, and so I asked her to create something for Matt's new baby. Here is what we came up with:


SO CUTE! She does lovely work and she has an etsy store here: so if you need a cute little baby something, check her out!

So anyway, those papers are pretty much in good shape, and I shouldn't be anxious except I am.

Some knitting on the Vibrance scarf was done yesterday:

and it is a very happy scarf. One stitch per two rows gets added and you can see the the color changes are becoming more and more narrow. I like it when it gets like that.

I had my second 'small group' yoga class, and once again it was just me. She asked what I wanted to work on, which I wasn't expecting, so we worked on carrying our tension in our face and shoulders. It was another good experience. We ended with a 'real' sun salutation including the plank which I did just fine. I really am enjoying it.

Last night we watched the final episode of Poldark from this season and Tim and Comet were incredibly cozy together;

Her tail is wagging so hard you can't even see it. Love those two.


KSD said...

That's the smallest small class the yogi can have, huh?

Tim and Comet are lovely.

Vera said...

I am so envious of your one-on-one yoga classes! Your scarf is like a rainbow - so pretty and bright! Nice pic of Tim and Comet - good to see Pilot relaxing.

Tired Teacher said...

May the end of term and beginning of term anxiety dissipate soon so you can concentrate on knitting that beautiful shawl.

kathy b said...

Im so sorry you are having anxiety. You know you are great at teaching and pulling it all together. I will check your friends site out because I have 3 babies to knit for in 2019~ Thanks KIM

DelightedHands said...

I sympathize with the stressful pressures having just gone through a rough patch myself--here's hoping you can conquer them all and better enjoy those two couch buddies! The shawl is beautiful, btw!

Kym said...

It's so hard when there are too many loose ends all at the same time! I hope they begin to tie up for you soon. XO

John smith8 said...
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