Monday, February 04, 2019

Mondays are for---shoveling?

Those long white drops are snow! I used a flash so it gave it a bit of a long exposure. I would guess there is maybe ONE QUARTER OF AN INCH of snow out there, and the temperature is almost 40 so it won't last. It isn't on the sidewalk or on the street that I can tell. I'm supposed to have a yoga class at 8:30 and I guess I'll hear if it isn't happening.

The SuperBowl was pretty dull, and I was asked to blog about ads during it so I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done. Tim made delicious egg rolls so that was a highlight.  This is the Klickitat Street cowl--one from a distance and one close up--and it continues to be fun to knit although I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn for the whole pattern (which is fine).

In other Sunday news, our taxes are submitted so yay!


DelightedHands said...

No SuperBowl for me so I managed a lot of knitting!
The cowl is progressing beautifully!

Tired Teacher said...

I didn't watch the Super Bowl and don't know who was playing. Can you tell I'm not a sports fan? Love the cowl, and those colors say, "cherry blossoms" to me.

Vera said...

Great yarn! No super bowl at our house - neither of us are sports fans at all. We did watch the next episode of Victoria. Cholera - awful stuff!!

Kym said...

Not a football fan here, either! :-)
What a bright-and-cheery cowl you've got there.

Alison said...

zero football in my house, too! Nice to hear there are others like me.