Saturday, February 09, 2019

Snow snow

As in 'there's no snow'.

We were hoping to wake up to a snowy morning on the coast but it was not to be. It is still beautiful though:

When I was out with the dogs this morning there were tiny little flakes that stuck for about 2 minutes and then melted. Ah well. I guess there is still a chance for a bit more snow later today but we'll see.

Seattle got really wallopped--if you're not familiar with the PNW, Seattle is about four hours north of us, and it started snowing there yesterday afternoon and they're expecting a lot--they have six inches on the ground and it is still snowing.  It doesn't seem like that much if you live somewhere where snow tends to happen in the winter, but most people are not prepared in the Pacific Northwest. Eugene, where I live, has one plow. In general, cities won't use chemicals on the streets, and even sanding the streets is problematic as the sand ends up in the sewers and needs to be sucked out. So, yes, we don't know what to do with snow here.

I'm hoping to see snow on the beach this weekend, so stay tuned!

I've been working on the Klickitat cowl and STOP THE PRESSES I FIGURED OUT THE CONFUSING STITCH! The one I posted is part of a four row pattern--the first row involves slipping five stitches with the yarn in front, and then when you get to the 'confusing' row (Row 3) you pick up that long piece of yarn.

It looks like this:

The little mountain at the top was formed by the confusing stitch.

And the whole thing looks like this:

I have only one skein so I'm now 'picking and choosing' what rows I knit, and I'll just keep knitting til there is nothing left.

Yesterday was catching up on work and today will be a bit of catching up as well. I'm reading "The Witches of New York" which I had started a while back and just returned to. It is set in New York (duh) and it is about witches (duh) and it is set in the 19th century which seems to be a time period I'm reading a lot about lately.

Hope you are warm and dry on this Saturday!


DelightedHands said...

My son and his family lives in Seattle and he told us how crazy the city goes with any amount of snow! Relax!

Tired Teacher said...

I hope you are able to see snow on the beach before the storm decides to move east.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Sorry you didn't get snow but maybe that's a good thing. Sounds like it might be more hassle than it's worth. Snow or not, enjoy your knitting!