Sunday, February 03, 2019

So Much Stuff on a Sunday!

I have lots to report today.

1. Today is my knittingversary--I re-taught myself to knit on a SuperBowl Sunday several years ago (maybe 2004?). I knew the 'mechanics' but had never done anything other than a scarf. So during the SuperBowl I sat down with a Lion Brand 'teach yourself to knit' kit and so here we are. I think it was 2004 maybe?

2. This is another Casapinka scarf--it is The Vibrance of Strangers and is made for a variegated yarn but I think it is going to look cool in this striped yarn. By the time I get to the end it should be very variegated!

It's fun.

3. LYLE LOVETT AND JOHN HIATT WERE AMAZING! It was just the two of them trading off singing songs, with lots of stories in between.  Two and a half hours of a wonderful time. We both needed a fun evening out and this was certainly it.

4. Pilot is healing well, and he is out of the onesie with only a small wound remaining on his inner thigh. We're glad this adventure is over!

5. I am reading a somewhat light novel called "Talent" which is about a grad student trying to finish her PhD. I really like it.

6. We may have snow here this week!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


Tired Teacher said...

Love the stitch detail closeup. It looks like you mastered the "mystery" stitch.

Alison said...

Seems like your memory is working!

I would love to see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt, but they're not coming anywhere near me, unless they already did and I didn't know about it. Glad you loved it.

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks Alison!

kathy b said...

So funny, that you are liking a book about your work life! I didnt recall you taught yourself on Superbowl sunday

DelightedHands said...

An evening out was just the thing for you--so nice.
The knitting is beautiful and happy knitterversary!!!

Needles and Wool said...

Your scarf looks great so far and it does look very fun to knit! Happy knittingversary!

Vera said...

I'll bet that was a fab concert!! Lucky you for going. Glad to hear Pilot is doing well.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Happy knittingverisary! Love the colors you're using - so bright & cheery! 2019's weather has been crazy so far. You're about to get snow while we've gone from Polar Vortex to a prediction of 60's & even a 70 degree day this week.

KSD said...

Lyle Lovett is brilliant, and underappreciated.