Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The past 24 or so hours

Right after I blogged

I had hurried to do some laundry and when stuff got in the dryer, I helped Tim clean the snow off the trees. By ten am, we had about ten inches of wet snow and all the trees were buckling over. We lost a third of our maple tree.

10 am Monday
 The power went out. We put the gas fireplace on and kept clearing snow. By the time it stopped at about noon, we had more than a foot.

It was great to see neighbors coming out and helping neighbors--across the street, Melanie's car was parked under a very bent over tree and she was worried the tree would fall on her. Tim and our neighbors Scott and Leslie helped clear out their driveway and then they all came to clear off ours.

Our little neighbor Delphina was out her with her mom and she helped clear snow off the cars. She's a cutie.

The University announced it would be closed all day (they originally said only til 1pm) and I made my Tuesday 'take home' test available so if students got bored they could take the test early (I told them the online system would tell me if they used more than two hours to take the test. It doesn't. But yeah).

Luckily we have a gas stovetop so Tim made pancakes for dinner. Not having electricity seemed manageable.

We went for a walk in the neighborhood. The apple trees in the park (where I glean apples for the alpacas in the summer) are a mess, with all kinds of branches down.

Tim in his blue coat, just so you can see that I'm not photographing in black and white.

Lots of snow in Hendricks park, I'm sure tree limbs came down right and left.

Park bench.

As it got dark, the lack of electricity became less charming. Tim heated up a leftover burrito for dinner, I gathered all of our candles, we moved the cacti off the windowsills so we could pull the shades down, and then we faffed on our phones til bedtime (which for me was about 8:30). There was some knitting.


Power back on, hurray!

Campus is closed til noon but my class and two meetings for today were all scheduled before that, so I'm staying home today. I'm pretty sure we still can't get down our street but if it warms up we probably can. I also don't have to go anywhere tomorrow and we're hoping to go to the coast on Thursday, we'll see.

We are lucky we were warm and dry and safe, and I know a lot of people around here are lacking at least one of those.   Very grateful for what we have, and I worked to "180 degree" my thinking to focus not on what I didn't have, but what I did have.  And that was good.


Vera said...

I can't believe how much snow you got!! Your pictures are beautiful, but I'm betting you'll be glad to see it all gone. Glad your power wasn't off all that long.

KSD said...

I'm a trained social psychologist and still don't understand why it's easier for us to focus/dwell on negatives than positives.

Tired Teacher said...

Except for the damage to trees, the scenes are beautiful. Heartwarming to hear of neighbors helping each other deal with the snow.

Kym said...

Heavy, wet snow is so hard on the landscape! I hope your trees aren't too terribly damaged. . . (And I hope that's the end of your snow for the year.) XO

kathy b said...

Well I think you just photoshopped Wisconsin into your blog kim . YOU ARE SO CLEVER!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Wow! That's a lot of snow! Specially for a surprise snow fall. Glad your power wasn't off too long and hope you didn't have too much tree damage.

DelightedHands said...

Beautiful record snow--and great attitude! (we had to look at it that way during our hurricane power outage!)