Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Swag


It was a very busy 41 hours! I calculated that I had:
13 hours in planes
5 hours in airports
6 hours in meetings involving food
6 hours in meetings not involving food
1 hour in Lyfts
7 hours sleeping
3 hours doing things like showering and waiting for elevators

First, the stitching!

I finished this on the plane last night. It needs ironing

Little gifties
My friend Gayle from Australia brought me these Aussie socks. These remind me of the Southern Cross.

My friend Carrie from Dallas gave me this little token:

So cute!

And the AWARD
Which got flagged at security at DFW.
It's really quite pretty but hard to photograph.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

And that's all, folks

Our time on the coast is done--we head back to Eugene this afternoon and then tomorrow I'm on a 6am flight to Dallas. I'll be back Saturday night--yes, 24 hours in Dallas for this conference.

Why I'm going to Dallas
There's a conference for an organization I used to be very involved in related to my academic discipline. I was President for a year. Well, various things happened after my Presidential term was over that undid a lot of the good things (according to me) that I had done for the organization, and that annoys me (stuff like giving money to graduate students. And encouraging a session that bridges the academy and practice). The quality of the research presented has--well--declined.

But, I'm winning an award: the Kim Rotzoll award for Advertising Ethics and Responsibility. Here's the description:

The Kim Rotzoll Award for Advertising Ethics and Social Responsibility was established in 2004 and recognizes individuals or organizations who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to advertising ethics and social responsibility. There must be evidence of lifetime achievement in either ethics or social responsibility. For an academic, such evidence may be in the form of scholarly publications and for an advertising practitioner or organization the results of specific programs or activities that have had a positive impact on society would serve as evidence.

So I will snatch up my award at the awards luncheon on Saturday and then come back here Saturday night. It's nice to win something and it will be a good promotion for the Master's program.

But on to the important stuff

I'm on to the 'dots' section of Fabulosity:

But it is kind of hard to see until I get a few more rows in there.


I've been working on another little stitching project. Will take embroidery and probably the green scarf on the trip (trying to travel as light as I possibly can):

This is very sweet. I also love how these designs are so 'circular' and there's no up and down or correct way to hang.


One last morning view.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A little knitting and a nature walk

Yesterday was a pretty day--cool and sunny. First, here's a little knitting. This is 'One and Done' and I've made many of them and I don't care. Kathy reminded me how much I like this! It is a nice spring greeny yarn that I 'won' from my Twinnie.

OK on to the walk. It was at theNestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge which was a former Jesuit retreat center (yesterday we found an old fountain and saw a chimney hidden in the trees---there used to be a lodge (there may still be) and some decrepit old cabins. There's also a bit of a road that is part of the hike). And the wildlife included two deer:

And a spotted squirrel with a dark patch on its back.

 So basically the same things we can see from our deck. We did see a tiny little chimpmunk in the distance.

The views were really beautiful though. This is looking east to the coastal range.

And then there was a view where the Nestucca bay meets the ocean:

And of course, my favorite.

 There were a few little tree flowers blooming.

It felt good to get out and about, although we missed having the dogs with us (no dogs allowed!).

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Almost off the needles

Purple is hard to photograph
I'm about halfway through the bind off of the purple cowl and wanted to take advantage of a sunny day to take pictures of the yarn itself. IT is purple with tiny little bits of blue in it and is quite lovely.

This should be bound off later today. Sorry it is hard to see the blue.

Stormy day
Yesterday it started raining around 10:30 and just didn't stop all day. It was warm but dreary.  Today, though--

Monday, March 25, 2019

Much on a Monday

We had a sunny weekend and now we'll have a few cloudy days here.  Sunny days are wonderful but even cloudy days are special here.

First off, some knitting

Fabulosity is coming along and I need to take pictures of it outside so you can see the colors. And the pattern. Anyway, it is coming along.

We watched "Mary, Queen of Scots" and pretty much realized we know nothing about the history of Scotland.

A few thoughts on the environment
We participated in the SOLVE beach cleanup on Saturday and I picked up (mostly) tiny tiny pieces of plastic.  I probably picked up several hundred of these:

I was interested in reading this blog post from Mollie Makes about eco crafts. Usually things like this make me roll my eyes but I was especially interested in the eco-tape and the eco-glitter. There are calls here to ban glitter since it is essentially a micro-plastic like those little beads that were in face wash and such, so I was happy to see someone is making biodegradable glitter.  The tape is probably a good choice too-I'll look into it some more. And of course, we know that alpacas are good for the planet. 

I just finished The Altruists (Amazon link) and it was good. It was about what happens when the glue holding your family together is gone. It was a fairly fast read and it was well written with a good sense of place (it was set in St. Louis, where I grew up, and it captured places in St. Louis very well). 


 This is finished and I'm ready to move on to the next one.  I'll be getting these pressed and framed and ready to hang.

The 'new' neighborhood
Our neighborhood on the coast is called "Pacific City Heights" and is kind of the 'old' neighborhood up here (it consists primarily of seven streets that go north-south, one a bit higher than the other, and then some east/west streets that connect them all). The neighborhood was probably developed sometime in the 1980s. To the north of us is one new neighborhood that is being developed now--we call it 'Hawaii' because the two streets there have Hawaiian names. The other new neighborhood is to the south of us and for lack of a better word it is swanky. It has a very strict neighborhood covenant (no whimsical house decorations among other things) and it has gorgeous, gorgeous views.

Very expansive vistas of the rock and the cape to the north, and to the bay to the south. But we still love our view the best.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Start of Spring Break!

It is officially spring break, as yesterday I finished grading and submitted them. I also reviewed two manuscripts and did a bit more work on the revise and resubmit. I did take a bit of 'me' time and did a bunch of weeding in our little back yard--I'll plant bulbs there in the fall. Yesterday was a mix of rain and sun, and of cold and warm, and that is fairly typical for here.

The Neighbors
We can be here and not see any deer for days, but yesterday we saw six next door. Three of them settled in and just hung out in our neighbor's back yard most of the afternoon. The dogs were a bit nuts.

The deer here are a bit aggressive--the neighbor behind us has a fairly low fenced yard (maybe 4 feet high?) and several times we have seen deer in her yard.

On a walk
There's some type of fir tree growing some type of crazy pinecones:

It's very festive looking!
Because I'm a copycat
I was going to start a linen top yesterday but I don't have the right size needle here. However, I was reading Kathy's blog and she mentioned she was going to do a One and Done and I thought 'oh, that light green linen yarn would make a nice summer scarf and it would work with the needle  I had and so here we go:

Hard to see, I know, but I think this will be a great scarf for summer.

And then the stitching
I'm sure I'll finish this today or tomorrow:

I have a few additional embellishments I want to add and I really am loving these little projects.

Today we are headed to the SOLVE beach cleanup--twice a year a non profit organization sponsors beach clean ups throughout the Oregon coast. They'll be about 200 people at our beach picking up trash this morning and we'll be joining them.  Hopefully the rain won't be that bad!

Enjoy Saturday!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Busy, then more busy, then a whole bunch of busy

Yesterday was as you might guess, a busy day.

Up and at 'em
Here is one of the more challenging things about living in a small town: let's say you need something like a blu-ray player, or a weed whacker, or a bedspread. These are not things they have in the town's hardware or grocery store, and you haven't set up a post office box yet (no mail delivery here!) so you can't order via Amazon. This was us yesterday. So I knew I could get all of these things at the Fred Meyer in Tillamook. Fred Meyer (or Freddies) was originally an Oregon-based grocery change that expanded into a pseudo-Wal Mart type store, then got bought by Kroger. They are the closest 'big box' we have as all of the Big Box stores are in cities along the interstate and none are along the coast. 

Tillamook is about 20 miles away but it is all twisty roads through tiny little farm towns, so it takes more than half an hour to get there. And the Fred Meyer is on the North end of town. It isn't my favorite trip--especially if you get caught behind a slow person (which inevitably happens). But I did it yesterday and got everything we needed, plus a big block of Tillamook cheese and pretty inexpensive coffee. 

And in the afternoon
I revised the literature review of the 'revise and resubmit' so that's one task down. Then Tim and I bushwhacked across the street.

We bought the lot across from us in order to give us a much better view of the beach. We also know that the western edge of the lot ends at a canal that we could kayak on to access Nestucca Bay. The house is about 100 feet above the canal--or so--and it is pretty steep. We've only been maybe 1/3 of the way down the property. So we bushwhacked yesterday and got down very close to the bottom--there's a shear drop off there that will need a ladder or some such to get down. We found a few pretty cleared off paths--either the former owners put those in there before they put the lot on sale, or they are deer paths.

At some point, we'll take kayaks down to the bay, paddle them in, and hopefully build a little shelter at the bottom for them and be able to walk back up.

And then
We popped over to the Pelican for dinner, thinking this would be our best opportunity because Oregon Spring break is next week (yes, the whole state, including the state Universities). It was pretty busy by the time we left. 

There was this:

Followed by knitting on this:

 And then this morning we had this:

And here we are!

Have a great one!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

We're back

It was a bit hazy when we arrived yesterday afternoon. This is the first time we've been here since the time change and in those three weeks it is much warmer, and the sun is in a totally different place, and it is still lovely. Today is cloudy and I have a few errands to run this morning while Tim works.

Did you see the moon?
It was very hard to take pictures of the Worm Moon but from what I could tell it was gorgeous.

I was also up at 5:15am plugging in my phone and it was quite gorgeous then too.

The newest little stitching project
As I said before, I'm enjoying these a lot! This one is about a third of the way done, and I brought three more little ones with me (no way I'll get to them all, but it is nice to have choices!). When I go to Dallas, I think I'll take one or two of these with me instead of knitting. It is a little more portable and since i'm only going for one night it's nice to travel light.

I hope your Thursday is lovely!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Closer to fabulous?

And I pivoted once again
Would you be surprised to know I changed up the colors on Fabulosity again?

These pictures have three colors: a medium blue/dark blue blend, a white/light pink/light blue variegated (the middle 'stripe') and a blues, pinks and purples variegated. I need one more color that will probably be pink. I also have baby blue but that is laceweight as opposed to fingering and I'm not sure it will look right.

Coast projects
  • I have both the pink and the baby blue yarn to see which looks best in Fabulosity
  • I have the purple cowl
  • I have yarn to cast on for the top you all voted on a while back
  • And while that should be enough, I have various skeins thrown in there in case I need another project. 
  • And I have the beekeepers quilt out at the coast too
  • And I have three little embroidery projects
I should be fine.

Other coast projects
Yesterday I plotted out the revisions I need to make on a paper and will take care of those while we're out there (should take a day or so). I'm taking out the readings I am requiring for both new classes (two new preps) and need to develop discussion questions on those. I still have two papers I'm waiting to get in for this term (they should be in today) and will have two honors theses drafts to read as well.

I'm hoping to take at least one day outside of the weekend as a 'vacation' day just for me.

And alpacas
I popped over to the farm yesterday to leave a few things for Ann and spent some time with the alpacas. I think Tink is looking pregnant. Here she is yesterday, and the picture below that is her in February.

 Tink in March ^
Tink in February^

Calypso and Atom were hanging out--they are now in the 'gentle boy' group (young males and castrated males) and they'll be joined by Tripoli soon.

Happy first day of spring (maybe, I guess it depends on the calendar).

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

It's "a lot of look"

as Tim Gunn would say.

I cast on and knit a bit of Fabulosity and it was--not fabulous. I love the green but the rest of the colors seem too dark and heavy and not matchy.

So I pulled that out and then put together another combo choice, this one with three blues and a pink:

That one seems a bit more pleasing.

Oops just went back to the stash because I recalled I have a white yarn with light pink and blue somewhere and I do and it is wound. I put them all together and it just seems right. So here it is:

Finding four complimentary colors is HARD! I have a bit of variation in  the weights of these yarns but I have faith it will work out OK. I guess we'll see, won't we?

The good thing is that I found a lot of two-color combos that will work well for patterns found in an e-book called Christmas 2018 (yes I'm a laggard).  I especially like Knit Weave and have printed that out to take to the coast.

Yesterday was busy--I had yoga in the morning, then went in to work for a bit (finals week), then Tim and I had lunch at the neighborhood breakfast place and then walked the dogs. I did some of the stack of work I have to do over finals week and spring break and worked on cleaning the house a bit. We sat outside at the end of the day as it was a lovely 75 degrees out.

I think we're headed out to the coast tomorrow afternoon, so today will be doing those last minute cleaning/packing things, getting things ready for Zach (our cat sitter), running over to the farm and then to meet my friend Lauren for a catch up before she goes to Austria. Then back to finish things up here. It's supposed to be 75 again before the temps go down back to more normal levels. I'm ready for spring!

Monday, March 18, 2019

And the winner is----

While I agree with you all that the blues are great together, I'm going to start with this somewhat eyeball searing color combination because I think it will look springy. Stay tuned. I have the first (short) section done and so far, so good.

I also finished this:

And I like it a lot.

We watched "Can You Ever Forgive Me" over the weekend and while I found the book delightful I found the movie mean spirited and sad.

More tomorrow!

Sunday, March 17, 2019


Happy St. Patrick's day! I am Irish by marriage (last name=Sheehan) so I'm not a big celebrant but I have hazy memories of holidays in St. Louis and Chicago when the drinking started at breakfast and it all went downhill from there.  I think I'm happier now.

Color Combining
My plans for springtime knitting so far include the Linum Tee (thanks all) and Fabulosity. For Fabulosity, I need four complimentary colors--pretty much full skeins. AND I want it to be springtimey. That is a a challenge for this dark-color-loving woman. So I put together a bunch of combos yesterday:

Nothing was really 'speaking' to me, , so I took a bunch over to the farm and looked at them with Ann.

I think I might do the pink and green first since it is so springy, although all these color combos looks like they'll work.

Speaking of the farm
Five weeks til Tinkerbell is due. I've started thinking about names for the cria but I really have to see what she or he looks like. 

Ann took these of Calypso the other day (look at the sky!).

I took these yesterday:

This is Tripoli, the cria born last fall, with Calypso's Aunt Marmalade. He'll get weaned in a few weeks and then he'll be hanging out with Calypso.