Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A little knitting and a nature walk

Yesterday was a pretty day--cool and sunny. First, here's a little knitting. This is 'One and Done' and I've made many of them and I don't care. Kathy reminded me how much I like this! It is a nice spring greeny yarn that I 'won' from my Twinnie.

OK on to the walk. It was at theNestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge which was a former Jesuit retreat center (yesterday we found an old fountain and saw a chimney hidden in the trees---there used to be a lodge (there may still be) and some decrepit old cabins. There's also a bit of a road that is part of the hike). And the wildlife included two deer:

And a spotted squirrel with a dark patch on its back.

 So basically the same things we can see from our deck. We did see a tiny little chimpmunk in the distance.

The views were really beautiful though. This is looking east to the coastal range.

And then there was a view where the Nestucca bay meets the ocean:

And of course, my favorite.

 There were a few little tree flowers blooming.

It felt good to get out and about, although we missed having the dogs with us (no dogs allowed!).


Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Gorgeous views and I love that yarn you're using. I'm suddenly seeing mustardy yellow, brown and green yarns everywhere!

Vera said...

What a beautiful area! I've been looking at pea-green yarns lately....must be a Spring thing.

Tired Teacher said...

Your walking adventure looks like fun and the views are gorgeous, both land and sea.

kathy b said...

Oh One and DONE~!! I love this pattern. But I must finish the baby sweater first! The baby is coming in April! Nice shots. Love your photos Kim

DelightedHands said...

You can't go wrong with green yarn.....
the view on this walk was so refreshing-thanks for sharing!