Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Bobbles and I need your help

I hate bobbles yes I do. I hate bobbles how about you?
I'm working on the cowl (heartsomething? Heartwarmer?) and I am in the bobble section. Oh it takes so, so long to do the bobbles. Instead of knitting one stitch, each bobble is 20 stitches and there's a bobble every sixth stitch. If I had remembered my Bobble Hate, I would have done this every 12th stitch.

Other than that, I like this cowl. I really like 'sampler' type cowls and this is one of those. It keeps it interesting except for of course the hated bobbles.

More on the embroidery club
Some of my legions of readers (HA) wanted to know more about the little embroidery things I do. I joined the Cozy Blue Handmade club where you join and get a new little project, complete with thread, every month.  The cost is less than $11 per month.  We're planning on hanging three of these up in the coast house and then rotating them (as they tend to be very nature/season based). You can see some of the past designs and learn more about it here.

And now I need your help.
You saw my great prize yarn from La Twinstere yesterday, and I have three options for projects from this yarn.

1. Jo. I saw this knit in stripes and it looks good.
2. Linum tee. I would probably do the top part in one color and the bottom in another.
3. Moon tee I could do stripes or I could do a color block with this one. It probably looks the most 'like me' but I worry I might get bored?

Your thoughts appreciated.


Vera said...

I vote for Jo - it is so cute. Linum is my 2nd choice. Very cute pattern too.

I love bobbles!! BUT, I hadn't realized the bobbles on this cowl are 20 stitches each - that sounds huge! I made bobbles on a knitted bowl that I felted and it turned out great...far fewer bobbles than you are knitting - lol.

Tired Teacher said...

Yikes, twenty stitches each! No thank you. Knit the top that you will enjoy and wear the most. No matter which pattern you choose, the stripes will prevent boredom.

Caffeine Girl said...

I cannot imagine bobbles that are 20 stitches.
I vote for Linum. So elegant.
I love those embroidery designs and am half-tempted to join myself. But I am trying to focus more on my own artwork. Still...very tempting.....

Delighted Hands said...

I can't stand doing bobbles either! (I also have an aversion to bumps on things in general! lol)
I like the linum--thanks for the emb. link!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I feel the same way about bobbles. Can't stand them! I either add a bead instead or don't knit the pattern. I did recently stumble across an instructional video of how to do bobbles with a crochet hook even though you are technically knitting. It did make them look much easier. I have no idea where I saw it but it's bound to be on Youtube.

KSD said...

Moon Tee for sure. I do like the little bows on Jo, though.

Grading papers (and I'm like you --- the more forms of work in class the fairer for the students) I do NOT miss.

And thank you for my fancy name! Or should I be fancy too and thank you for the sobriquet?