Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bobbles have been conquered

Week 10
It is week 10 of a 10 week term. For some reason, we have candidates for searches (two searches!) in this week and decisions must be made in time for a faculty meeting on Friday. I had two high-level University committee meetings, judged capstone presentations,  plus a breakfast plus dealing with Much Drama at my school. I cannot wait for this week to end.

Yesterday I thought it was Thursday ALL DAY LONG.


Lest you think I was exaggerating about the bobbles, here is how each one was knit:

In one stitch: k, yo, k, yo, k (turn) (5 stitches)
Purl across (5 more=10 stitches)
Knit across (5 more=15 stiches
P2tog, p, p2tog (3 more=18 stiches)
Sl1, k2tog, slip slipped stitch over the k2tog (2 stitches=20 stitches)

I read just a bit too late (before the third row of bobbles) that you should knit through the back loop before and apple the bobble stitch, so the top row looks better than the other ones. 

Although actually none look that great.

And the color is a much darker purple.

We watched the movie "The Bookshop" last weekend and it was--hmm--ok. We do love Bill Nighy and Emily Mortimer, both in this movie, but it was pretty sad and depressing, with a little Hollywood ending that didn't do a lot to alleviate the depressing-ness. We're kind of slogging our way through the new season of "Victoria". And to break that up, we are watching (on DVD) the HBO series "The Deuce" about the start of the porn film industry. It is not for the prudish or the squeamish but it is pretty good.


Vera said...

We started watching the newest season of Victoria, but got too bored with it and have not finished. I want to watch "Trapped" (Icelandic crime/mystery) recommended by Deborah (Caffeine Girl Creates) - that looks good and I am more than anxious for the 5th season of Shetland.

Kym said...

I hate knitting bobbles. Ugh. But they look great on your cowl, and add some textural interest. Best wishes to you as you finish out the term! XO

Delighted Hands said...

No bobble looks great close-up! The overall look of the cowl is great!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Congrats on dealing with all those bobbles. You are a better & stronger woman than I!