Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Closer to fabulous?

And I pivoted once again
Would you be surprised to know I changed up the colors on Fabulosity again?

These pictures have three colors: a medium blue/dark blue blend, a white/light pink/light blue variegated (the middle 'stripe') and a blues, pinks and purples variegated. I need one more color that will probably be pink. I also have baby blue but that is laceweight as opposed to fingering and I'm not sure it will look right.

Coast projects
  • I have both the pink and the baby blue yarn to see which looks best in Fabulosity
  • I have the purple cowl
  • I have yarn to cast on for the top you all voted on a while back
  • And while that should be enough, I have various skeins thrown in there in case I need another project. 
  • And I have the beekeepers quilt out at the coast too
  • And I have three little embroidery projects
I should be fine.

Other coast projects
Yesterday I plotted out the revisions I need to make on a paper and will take care of those while we're out there (should take a day or so). I'm taking out the readings I am requiring for both new classes (two new preps) and need to develop discussion questions on those. I still have two papers I'm waiting to get in for this term (they should be in today) and will have two honors theses drafts to read as well.

I'm hoping to take at least one day outside of the weekend as a 'vacation' day just for me.

And alpacas
I popped over to the farm yesterday to leave a few things for Ann and spent some time with the alpacas. I think Tink is looking pregnant. Here she is yesterday, and the picture below that is her in February.

 Tink in March ^
Tink in February^

Calypso and Atom were hanging out--they are now in the 'gentle boy' group (young males and castrated males) and they'll be joined by Tripoli soon.

Happy first day of spring (maybe, I guess it depends on the calendar).


Tired Teacher said...

Looks like you've found a pleasing combo of colors! Enjoy your time at the coast house.

Vera said...

Enjoy the coast and ALL your projects! (I think Tink looks pregnant too - or else she really bulked up over the winter!!).

DelightedHands said...

Have a wonderful coastal visit and relax with all of your projects and your furbabies!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love that color combo! Hope you can fit some stitching time into your busy coastal schedule.